You’re cozied in bed with your warm fresh newborn “breakfasting” at your breast. You glance down at her and as your heart swells, you cherish each moment of this sweetness. She’s calm. You’re relaxed. You inhale the love and exhale peaceful breath. But you know this won’t last forever… In just 3 weeks, you go back to work after baby.

It’s hard to imagine anything other than this right now, so don’t! Instead, ease in.

If back to work after baby is stressing you out, write it out!

Make a list of what still needs to be done.

Childcare arrangements? Check!

Contact your employer to see if it would be possible to start part-time, and ease back into your normal schedule over the course of a few weeks to ease the transition.

Next, we recommend stocking up! You’ll need plenty of pumping supplies for when your breasts feel as their about to explode halfway through the day. If you haven’t already, investing in a good ole’ fashion breastpump will be the best thing you ever did.

Many new parents feel incredible guilt, leaving their baby for the first time as they transition back into work.

We highly recommend putting yourself together. When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you do good. Adding finishing touches to your outfit, hair or makeup can really give you a boost of confidence, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to take on a good day at work. This mindset can help ward off anxiety ridden thoughts and those feelings of guilt.

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