Halloween is around the corner!

Now that your baby is finally here, it’s time to dress them up in adorable and hilarious costumes for some quality photo opportunities.

Baby’s first Halloween can mean a lot of things. Your first Halloween together might just be a cute costume or you could define their “first Halloween” as the first time they can walk door to door to Trick or Treat. Expect a few bumps in the road, plan accordingly and you’ll have a fantastic All Hallows Eve with your tiny tot.

Dressing Up

As precious as it is to see your new baby in a costume for Halloween, they probably won’t share in your excitement.

New babies and infants may be a little more cooperative than toddler Trick or Treaters, but there is no shortage of great costumes for all! Plan to dress them in something practical, comfortable, weather appropriate, and with limited acessories. You might think your princess looks great with her crown, sparkly shoes, cape, stockings, and tiny purse. She might not be too excited to be cluttered with all those acessories. Keeping outfits simple will keep tantrums to a minimum.

Why not try coordinating family costumes?!

Eventually your kids will have a mind of their own when it comes to their costume, making this your chance to plan a cute or funny matching team of costumes. Some of them get really creative and really hilarous. Try looking on pinterest for a little family Halloween inspiration.

Trick or Treat Alternatives

Baby’s first Halloween includes plenty of dressing up, but they are still too small to go door-to-door Trick or Treating and they certainly can’t eat candy. Why not plan a Halloween party at your home with other parent-friends and family. You can decorate the house and make spooky treats for the adults to sample, while still enjoying Trick or Treaters happy to show off their costumes and get a delicious treat.

Your baby will be happy to stay indoors, feeling comfortable, without the need for chilly diaper changes along the trick or treating route. A casual party lets parents relax, dress up in some costumes of their own and put their baby costumes on display. There’s something classic about having a Halloween party, making it a fun tradition to start with friends.

Walk Around the Block

Your baby might be too young to walk from door to door, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside!

Dress up baby, deck out your stroller with Halloween decor and go for a walk through the neighborhood. You can decorate your stroller to the theme of your baby’s costume for a really fun evening out. Your little one will be comfy and cozy in their stroller and you’ll still get the opportunity to dress them up as something adorable. Stroller decorating gives you a chance to show your creative side and create a theme for baby’s first Halloween!

If you’re not planning on being home to welcome Trick or Treaters, try bringing a big bowl of candy to hand out to the neighborhood kids as the groups pass by.

Treats Without Tricks

Make sure if this is the first Halloween your toddler is Trick or Treating, dress them as comfortably as possible! Soft and squishy costumes with zippers and velcro will be your best friend when your little one decides they’ve had enough. Travel prepared with flashlights, glow sticks, a fully stocked diaper bag and of course, some Band Aids just in case.

Try not to be too adventurous on the first Halloween out, usually a few houses is more than enough. Don’t let your little one get too overwhelmed with all the ghouls and goblins outside.

However you spend your baby’s first Halloween, take the opportunity to make it a fun and memorable experience!

Make sure comfort and safety is priority and roll with the punches. It’s okay if they become fussy in their costume or get startled, take Halloween night one step at a time and you’ll have a blast.