One great thing to witness in your growing baby’s unfolding life each day is witnessing the many firsts that they have yet to experience, and one of which is.*insert drum rolls here* BABY’S FIRST BATH TIME!

And no, we’re not talking about the first bath time they get at the hospital, but it’s the one they get to experience with no other than, YOU!

So as you adjust to your new normal with your newborn in tow, and especially if you are a first-time mother,  it’s natural to have so many questions clouding your thoughts. One of them probably includes: when exactly can I give my baby a bath?

Introducing Sponge Bath Square Pants to Your Newborn

The thing is the World Health Organization recommends waiting at least 24 hours before the baby can get his or her first bath experience, and nope, it’s not the full-body bath in the tub, because your newborn won’t be ready for that until their umbilical cord stump falls off; which is going to take about 2-3 weeks.

And so until that time comes, your newborn can only have sponge baths starting from head to toe, by gently wiping the skin. It is also important not to touch or attempt to remove the umbilical cord stump as it will fall off on its own.

It is also recommended to give your little one a sponge bath at least 2-3 times a week to keep them squeaky clean.

Uh-oh, baby’s getting fuzzy! What do I do??

So okay…your little one may have a bit of their own waterwork show during, or even just before they hit the water. Don’t fret though, it’s a normal response for babies! They are prone to feeling cold once they are stripped off of their clothing as their skin is very sensitive. They will warm up to the routine eventually, but until then, you have to ensure that their sponge bath is safe and comfortable for them.

You can start by gently dabbing a cotton ball over their eyelids, and then soaking (but not dripping!) the washcloth or sponge to wipe over the face going down to the rest of the corners of their tiny body. Use your soothing, calming voice as you try to calm your baby down in case they get fussy. Likewise, make sure that the supplies are ready and kept within your reach for easier access, especially the towel for drying so you can keep them warm right away.

Keep calm and enjoy the waterwork…

No, we’re not talking about your baby’s tears, but the bath itself! We bet you already know that bath time is a very intimate moment between a parent and the baby, but we hope you don’t mind us saying it again as a reminder. We understand how alarming it can be to see your baby in distress, especially when you yourself are also dealing with personal changes of your own.

It’s okay to ask for an extra pair of hands!

The more, the merrier, as they say, isn’t it? If you feel overwhelmed to give your baby a bath for the first time by yourself, remember you can always ask for help from the people around you, and if you have a doula by your side, why you’re dou-lucky one! You have a trained person under your watch, and a doula can never go wrong in providing you the best support you can ever ask for, whether that’s for moral support or imparting you with baby care tips.

Northeast Doulas in Westchester, Greenfield, and Fairfield: Your Companions in Your Postpartum Journey

As certified trained doulas, we want to make the transition for you and your baby as comfortable as possible. Here at Northeast Doulas, we consider ourselves #blessed to be able to witness such precious moments between you and your little one; and no matter little or big they may be, we would be happy to be of assistance to you in any way we can.

Should you need our expertise and services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us through our phone, email, or website; and we’d be happy to sit down with you and make an arrangement.