Here we go! What you need to know about early labor

As a first-time mom, you may be navigating through the whole process of pregnancy with a whole lot of nervous energy and anxiousness. You may ask yourself what you should do when the time comes for you to give birth. To be better prepared for what to come, there are stages that you need to know and familiarize yourself with. First, is the early labor stage. This happens when you notice that you are getting regular contractions already. At this stage, your cervix dilates and effaces in preparation for your baby to move out of your birth canal. Early labor varies per person. Some early labor symptoms last for days. Some women experience early labor for hours. Take the time to breathe in and out, and try to relax when you feel that you are already undergoing early labor. You can also walk around to make yourself feel better. Learn more about pregnancy and what you can do at this stage with Northeast Doulas. Visit their website for more information.   

Time to get to work! What happens during active labor

After early labor, you will then be experiencing the next stage of labor, which is active labor. At this stage, your contractions will change from being mild and irregular, to a stronger and more regular interval. While your cervix has been dilating during the early stage, it will then dilate further from around six centimeters into ten centimeters, at one centimeter per hour. During the active labor stage, you may be feeling pain, cramps, and nausea. You can try to ease the discomfort that you are feeling through breathing techniques, or a gentle massage. Try to switch positions as well to a position that makes you feel more comfortable. Northeast Doulas can guide you through other techniques that you can employ during this stage of your pregnancy. They also have labor doulas services that can help you have the support that you need. Learn more about labor doulas with Northeast Doulas. 

Baby’s Here! It’s time to give birth 

After active labor, you have now reached the second stage of labor, which is childbirth. This is the time where you have to push, push, push! The length of time for child birth may also vary from person to person. It can last for as quick as only a few minutes, or it can last for grueling long hours. Your team of health experts will guide you on the timings on when you will have to push to deliver your baby. Bear with it for a little while, and you will eventually hear the cries of the baby that you have safely delivered into this world. Know more about the process of pregnancy and labor with Northeast Doulas! 

Baby Delivery! So, what happens after? 

Once your baby is safely delivered, you can now hold your baby and bask in the afterglow of being able to see your child for the very first time. While this is happening, you will also be delivering your placenta, which can last from around five to thirty minutes, or longer. Contractions during this stage will be mild. Your health care team may tell you to give one last push for the placenta to be let out. After which, the placenta will be examined and any remnants of the placenta should be taken out of your uterus to avoid any infection or bleeding from happening. For more information about the stages of pregnancy and how you can receive support and care during this time, inquire at the Northeast Doulas website to know more.

Pregnancy Care with Northeast Doulas 

Let Northeast Doulas be your partner throughout the different stages of your pregnancy. With the aim of giving deep personal care for the most important moments in your life, Northeast Doulas is committed to giving you the best quality pregnancy care. With locations in Greenwich, Fairfield, Westchester, as well as in various areas in NYC, you can get the best doulas care around with their highly trained and experienced doulas. Northeast Doulas provides labor doulas services, postpartum doulas services, as well as placenta encapsulation services. For inquiries on how you can avail of the services that they offer, visit their website for more information. You may also reach them through the contact button in their website, as well as the contact information indicated in their page. Choose Northeast Doulas for your pregnancy care.