What you need to know about placenta encapsulation

Mothers are always on the lookout for ways and methods on how to give their body an extra boost to help them be stronger and more resilient as they go through the everyday motions of taking care of their baby. Various supplements, vitamins, and other kinds of boosters are available in the market, depending on what you are specifically looking for. One of the methods that you can try is something that is not unheard of, and has been done in other parts of the globe for years. Placenta encapsulation is the process whereby the placenta of the mother is steamed, then dehydrated. After which it is grounded up, and the by-product is then inserted into capsules for easier ingestion into the system. Placenta encapsulation is usually done after child birth for the health benefits that it can give. To learn more about placenta encapsulation, consult with the professionals at Northeast Doulas today. 

Why is this being done? 

You may wonder why one would consume one’s placenta. To answer this, we must first define what a placenta is. A placenta is a so-called temporary organ which your body makes during the process of pregnancy. The placenta encapsulates the baby while he or she is inside the womb of the mother. This organ helps in the delivery of the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that the baby needs in order to develop properly. Besides the essential nutrients needed for growth, the placenta also allows the exchange of blood and waste from the baby and the mother. The placenta is rich with various minerals and vitamins such as iron, B6, B12, and is also rich in hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. With these benefits that you can get out of the placenta, it is of no surprise why placenta encapsulation has gained popularity. Curious about placenta encapsulation? Head over to Northeast Doulas to know more about this method.  

The process of placenta encapsulation 

Placenta encapsulation is done through these easy steps: steaming, dehydrating, grinding, and encapsulating. The process begins within 24 hours after child birth. Once the placenta is placed on a surface that is protected, it will then be placed under the water to be cleaned and massaged. After cleaning the placenta, it will then proceed to be steamed for around 20 minutes. Upon the end of the steaming process, the placenta will then be cut into small slices then will subsequently undergo the dehydration process. When the dehydration stage has ended, the placenta will then be placed in a food processor. After which, this will then be ground up so that the finished product will be in powder form. Once it is in powder form, it will then be placed inside capsules. The capsules will be stored inside a glass bottle and then placed inside the refrigerator to be preserved until it will be taken out for consumption. For those who are interested on the process of placenta encapsulation, let Northeast Doulas guide you throughout the step-by-step process. Inquire with them through their website.  

Are there benefits to placenta encapsulation?

There are a number of benefits that one can get out of placenta encapsulation. One of these benefits is an increase in the production of milk that is a great help for breastfeeding mothers. It is also helpful for the increase in the levels of iron in your bloodstream. Another benefit of placenta encapsulation is that the stress-reducing hormone known as CHR also increases. The oxytocin being released, which is a hormone that helps strengthen one’s bond with your newborn, as well as aids in helping the uterus go back to its original size, also increases. Postpartum depression levels, on the other hand, can be reduced when one ingests placenta. Interested in learning more about placenta encapsulation? Check out the Northeast Doulas website for more information.       

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