1. A labor nurse must remain objective and impartial to care for the whole unit—mother, baby, and family—whereas a doula is able to focus solely on the mother’s individual needs.
  2. Whereas a labor nurse has limited time to spend with each patient due to their many responsibilities, a doula can stay with you throughout your entire labor and provide continuous emotional support and physical comfort measures.
  3. Labor nurses are not trained in non-medical pain management techniques like breathing exercises or massage that are often used by doulas during birth.
  4. A hospital-based labor nurse may have difficulty accommodating some of the requests of those seeking out more natural childbirth options such as laboring in water or attempting unmedicated birth methods while a doula is well versed in these practices and can help provide informed consent if desired by the mother.
  5. While both roles require similar skill sets such as providing emotional support, advocating for women’s rights in labor or identifying signs of fetal distress; only certified doulas have received additional training specializing in how best to fulfill these tasks specifically related to supporting families before, during & after childbirth which puts them far ahead when it comes providing this type of specialized care.


Why choose to hire a doula for labor, delivery, and post-partum help?

When expecting a new baby, it can be overwhelming to consider all the different options available. Hiring a doula to provide labor, delivery, and post-partum help can make the entire process easier and more enjoyable.

A doula is a trained professional who offers support and education to pregnant people, their partners, and their families before, during, and after birth. Doulas provide emotional support in labor by helping to create an atmosphere of safety, comfort, love, and respect that can best prepare families for birth. They also offer physical support such as massage, breath work or position changes that can help alleviate pain or discomfort.

By having a doula present during labor and delivery, you are likely to experience shorter labor with fewer medical interventions. Studies have shown that having continuous support from a doula reduces the risk of cesarean section by up to 50%. In addition, your family will benefit from increased rates of breastfeeding success as well as improved maternal mental health outcomes following birth.

After birth, your doula can offer assistance with newborn care essentials such as proper swaddling techniques or understanding Baby’s sleep patterns. Your doula can also serve as an advocate if any issues related to birthing arise after returning home with your new bundle of joy.

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