Newborns… I must say, there is real beauty in lack of knowledge when it comes to newborn babies. I mean, what we don’t know, certainly can’t hurt us, right??

We asked new moms to tell us some “minor” details about bringing a newborn baby home that somehow, their friends neglected to mention.

Today, we share the top 10 with you!

1. They shit a lot.

They do it when they eat, when they sleep, when they’re awake… They don’t care. They’ll shit any time they feel like it so you better be ready.

2. They cry for no reason

You do all the things, check all the usuals and yet somehow newborns who by all intents and purposes should be happy, sometimes just cry their tiny little faces off for no reason.

3. They don’t stop crying when their mom picks them up.

Crazy right??? The mom is “supposed” to have the ability to fix anything but these weirdo babies haven’t figured that out yet.

4. They lack gratitude.

You work your ass off to keep them clean, safe, happy and alive. You do it night and day and focus on nothing but them. You’d think they’d show a little appreciation, right? Nope, they’ll piss right in your face.

5. They’ll piss right in your face.

I mean, if they’re boys anyway. Keep a cover close by when taking dirty diapers off and putting clean ones on!

6. They are unpredictable.

What they do today will be different than what they do tomorrow… Just when you think you get the hang of something, they switch it up on you!

7. They will terrify you when they sleep through the night.

The day you finally sleep all night without interruption from you’re little person, you will wake up, gasp for air, and fly like at speed of sound to their sleep space to find a healthy, breathing, warm little bundle of deliciousness.

8. You’ll think they are sick.

Newborns will spit up or their poop will look different or they will cry for no reason and you will think they are sick. You will call everyone you know and ultimately make a doctor’s appointment because you are worried. Typically they are just fine and there is no cause for the 5 alarm fire bell you rang!

9. You’ll dress them and change their diaper like they are fragile.

Newborns seem fragile and when you dress and change them, you may find yourself moving them ever so gently and apologizing as you do it. But don’t forget, babies are built to squeeze themselves through vaginas or to be pulled out of a small incision! They are far less fragile than we think!

10. You will love them far more than you ever could of imagined.

Authored by: Randy Patterson