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Lessons from the Sleep Goddess


Parenting is hard enough when everything is going well, but when no one in the family is getting the amount of sleep they need to function, the whole family’s quality of life is sacrificed. Sleep is important to every baby’s overall health and happiness and yours too!

The best way to get your baby to sleep through the night!

Encouraging good sleep habits in your baby is a gift they will appreciate for their entire lives. What we have found is that after a good nights sleep, or even a good nap, babies are happier and more engaging. They have a longer attention span and absorb more information from the world around them. Life is better for the family that is sleeping well.

Every baby is an individual and every family is different. You and your sleep guide will talk, at great length, to be sure that you understand her gentle sleep approach and that she understands your baby and your parenting philosophies.

Babies are so precious and vulnerable. The sleep guide’s goal is to gently, patiently and lovingly guide your little one to find their full sleeping potential, and to enjoy the peaceful slumbers that they deserve.

We at Northeast Doulas believe we can help you.

Infant Sleep Packages are for babies that are 10 weeks old or older.

We like to say that the best time to start good sleep habits is today! Regardless of your current sleep pattern or the type of care you’ve received, if you’re ready to sleep, Northeast Doulas is the answer.


This package is intended for babies 10week+:

Your sleep Guide will provide a starting off point for good sleep patterns. In addition to the nighttime support, your doula will also assist you with a plan for the daytime hours in order to ensure that your baby has all the tools to get a good night’s sleep. Your doula will also work with breastfeeding moms to address any questions or concerns about the overnight feeding schedule. The minimum recommendation of this care is four nights, with 10-12 hour shifts each night.



This package is intended for babies 4months+:

Just as adults and professionals often take refreshers courses to ensure that we are at the top of our game, often our babies need a similar course to remember how wonderful a good nights sleep can be. Whether your child had been sleeping through the night or if sleep has always been an issue, now is the time to put good habits in place and get some much-needed rest! Let our Sleep Guides help to adjust and ‘reprogram’ your baby’s sleep schedule for long lasting and consistent sleep. A minimum of five nights is recommended with 10-12 hour shifts each night.