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Saturday Morning Top 10 - Week 14



Ten things to do as a family that don’t cost a dime

10) Check out your local Community calendar.  There are always great things happening around town.  Local events, races, plays.  A great resource to get some ideas.

9) Visit your local Library  - It is so quiet there, and the kids will love having so many books to choose from.

8) Play board games – When was the last time you sat down and played a good classic game?  Remember Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit (even have them for kids) or connect four? 

7) Cupboard potluck – Have everyone in the family pick something out of the cupboard cook or bake all the selections and have a cupboard potluck!

6) Have a movie party – Each person  in the family picks out a movie.  Whether it’s a classic DVD or something On-Demand.   Pop some popcorn, kick your feet up and get lost in the movies.

5) Build a fort – Move the furniture out of the way, collect the old blankets and sheets and make a fort.  When you finish, bring a snack and a book into the fort with a flashlight.  This will make for some great memories.

4) Go on a hike – Now is the time, before it gets to hot!  Put the baby / child in a carrier or a backpack, and explore the great outdoors!

3) Go to the park – Really take the time to play with your children at the park, not just watching them.  It will be a blast.

2) Build a cardboard castle – Stop by an appliance store to see if they have any extra boxes.  Fold them up to get them home, then create, create, create.  Cut out doors and windows.  Then paint or color.  This will be make your child so happy for a long time!

1) Dance – Pick out some good songs, turn up the music, and just dance.  Kids love to dance.  They love it even more when they are dancing with their family.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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