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Hey Baby, Keep Your Cool!


Summer is about to turn up the heat and some of the hot summer days are completely unforgiving. 

While a hot summer day is uncomfortable for us, it is even more unbearable and even dangerous for your new baby. If your baby is making their grand enterance just in time for summer vacations, sun and heat safety for your newborn is important to brush up on before heading out to your summer events. 


Sun Safety Basics

Newborns are delicate and sensitive to severe temperatures and sun exposure. Their skin is unable to handle the harsh rays of the sun and protection from direct sunlight is important for your brand new baby. Apply plenty of baby-safe sunscreen on little limbs that are exposed in the sun. Dress your little one in lightweight clothing that is breathable and light colored to keep them as cool as you can in the sunshine. Limit sun exposure when the sun is at it's highest and keep your baby safely under a sunshade to deflect even more of those rays. 

Cooling Down

To cool your baby down throughout the day, a spray bottle with cool, room-temperature not cold water can be use to gently mist their feet and the back of their tiny noggins. Avoid using cold or icy water to keep their delicate system from being shocked from hot to cold. If you can, it's best to avoid highly chlorinated swimming pools or salt water for the first 6 months. Chlorine and salt water can dry out or damage your baby's sensitive skin and glare from the water can create some nasty sunburns. 

Cool Baby Wearing 

Baby wearing is a popular and convenient way to keep your new baby comfortably swaddled while keeping your hands free. While it's convenient it can also be extra toasty in the summertime, making it a sweaty mess for mom and baby. Keep in mind that one layer of wrap around your baby equals a layer of clothing, so dress them appropriately. On exceptionally hot days, a reusable sport towel can be wet and placed between baby and their parent to keep them cooler. Keep an eye on your little hot potato to make sure they're not overheating and take plenty of breaks as needed.

Prickly Heat

Keep your baby's curvy physique safe from dreaded chafing and prickly heat. A little baby powder applied on the backs of legs, their bottom, and between the creases of their skin can help uncomfortable rashes from developing. Keep these areas clean, dry and powdered so bacteria can't find their way into these nooks and crannies.


The summer heat doesn't have to keep you and baby indoors, and a little precaution can go a long way. 

Remember that your little one is super sensitive to sun and heat and keep outdoor excursions short and sweet. If you're going to a family get-together or barbecue, it's a good idea to have a safe space indoors for a cool naptime. 


Beach Tip: To brush off sand without irritation, sprinkling some baby powder on legs and feet lets sand effortlessly slide off delicate skin. No more sandy car mats or rashes on delicate baby skin.