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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Postpartum Doula

10 - So you don’t feel judged while you learn to care for your newborn. A doula offers judgment free support allowing you to develop your “inner-momma” peacefully, smoothly and at your own pace.

9 - So you can let your guard down and explore your parenting options.  Your doula will discuss various parenting philosophies and options with you and support you in every decision YOU make.

8 - Because early breastfeeding can pose its challenges, having a doula by your side during frustrating or exhausted feedings can be extremely beneficial.

7 - So you can be nurtured while you nurture your newborn.

6 - So you can be reminded to eat well and stay hydrated. Simple things like eating and drinking are easily overlooked while focusing on a newborn, however, they are extremely important to your recovery.

5 - So you can be free of day-to-day household tasks in order to focus on bonding with your baby and your partner.

4 - For the most up to date information on products relating to babies. Your doula is an expert on all things “baby”, in spite of the ever-changing recommendations and product recalls.

3 - Doulas are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of the postpartum baby blues and postpartum depression. Your doula can advise you of what is a “normal” part of your emotional recovery and what you might need some help with.

2 - So that you...Read more

PLEASE! Hold the new mothers in your life close. Postpartum depression sadly reaches every demographic and none of us are safe. Be the kind of woman that someone in your life might confide in if they are in trouble. I am heartbroken by this story and wish I could have supported this desperate mom.... </3Read more

I apologize for the delay in writing this.

As I am sure you can imagine, it took me some time to process the incredible outpouring of love and support that I received after Randy's blog post 

I would like to try to describe to you my feelings in regard to the feedback I received. 

Originally, I was completely overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who embraced me in spite of my struggle. I felt the emotion in your emails, messages and texts and it was loud and clear to me that judgment didn't exist in them. Randy had tried to encourage me time and time again to be public about my illness and I continued to resist. I now know that she somehow had the foresight to know that I would be loved and supported and that others would...Read more

A day in the life....

The washing machines broken again, there’s a mountain of laundry, I didn’t make dinner and your mom is such a bitch. Welcome home…

These are just some of the things that I would bombard the love of my life with when he walked in the door at 6:00pm every day.

Jerry is a contractor, he builds houses. He works physically hard all day in all seasons including the dead of winter to support our family. He comes home tired, hungry and in need of a shower. But that didn’t matter to me. I was so consumed with my own shit that I couldn’t see past ME. With a toddler and a baby by my side from sun up to sun down, a home to keep, groceries to buy, laundry to do, etc.. I was completely losing myself. MY SELF! Do you understand me?!? I was losing MY SELF! I NEED my SELF. I had been building that self for a long time and while working hard to fight off that self to try and embrace this new self, I was pushing my partner/friend/lover/soul mate as far away as possible!

When I think back, I can’t remember what made ME happy. Not me as a momma, that me was thrilled to mother my children (mostly). It was me, the woman that was unhappy. Me, The Rock N’ Roll Doula! The competent, capable, productive, independent woman! I had turned into a complete bitch and was taking it all out on my husband. Not on purpose but certainly undeniably.

I feel sad writing this stuff because looking back, I can clearly see that I wasn’t...Read more

In the picture above, I am a size 18

!n real life, I am a size 8.

When I walk into a clothes store, I bring a size 12 into the dressing room….

IN MY MIND, I’m a size 12 and I always have been.

I come from a long line of obesity.

My mother, father and siblings… all obese.

Both my brother and my sister, in the last handful of years, have had weight loss surgery and I remember my parents trying but failing at every diet and weight loss gimmick ever invented.

From cabbage soup to Atkins to weird powders that you sprinkle on your food to trigger an “I’m full” response in your brain.

Food has always been a means of comfort in our family and a way to say I love you.

My parents (among other things…) were “eating buddies”. They enticed each other with talk of food, they co-signed each other’s bad choices and my dad was willing, at any time, day or night, to go on a food run! As a kid, that seemed awesome! All someone would have to do was mention ice cream or cookies and off he would go.

I learned some bad eating (and cooking) habits as a kid and brought those habits into my adult life.

I had no control when it came to food. If there was cake in the house, I thought about it until I ate it and an hour later, I was thinking about it again.

I...Read more

"As long as you don’t fuck my husband or mess with my relationship with my kids in any way, we’ll be fine! Anything else, we can work out." Those are the words I said to Debbie Aglietti the moment before we signed our 22 page partnership agreement and legally solidified our bond.

It’s not easy for two passionate women to be business partners. Especially when those two women are from opposite backgrounds! A client once told us that we were like Greenwich Village meets Greenwich Connecticut. As many of you know, Debbie is every bit the suburbanite in cardigans, khakis and neatly styled hair and I have a more, well…  “relaxed” approach to my appearance. Debbie grew up in a “white picket fence” middle class American home with the love and structure of a close family. Me in a “broken home” infused with drug addiction and financial struggle.

What most of you don’t know and would have no way to know is that Debbie suffers from depression. Real and debilitating depression, that she is currently being treated for. I share this with you today, with Debbie’s permission for two reasons. First, because she is amazing and incredible and her work as a doula is the only thing that can pull her out of “the hole” when her depression is at it’s worst and secondly, because MANY women will benefit from hearing Debbie’s story. This blog is a launching point for Debbie to periodically blog and share her personal triumphs and amazing strengths in hopes of empowering and inspiring...Read more

Desperate to Interact!

Erica was about 2 weeks old and I was struggling withTHE BABY BLUES I didn't know I was, but like more than half of women having babies each day, I was. I had insomnia, they said, “don’t worry about the dishes and the laundry, sleep when she sleeps!” if only it were that easy… I was irritable, the tears came randomly without cause and the mood swings were immeasurable. As a doula trainer when I am teaching about the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and we talk about The Baby Blues, the remedy is fairly simple. Encourage rest, place a strong focus on nutrition and hydration, stress the importance of support and give mom a judgment free zone where she can talk through it all. However, so many moms find themselves exhausted, barely eating, forgetting to drink water, feeling alone and judging themselves!

That was ME! 20 years ago we didn’t have cell phones, email, texting, facebook etc… ( I know…. How did we survive, right?) When my husband left for work, that was it, I was on my own. Well, there was Cathy, my friend who had a baby a week earlier who was on maternity leave that I could call or visit with, if I wanted to hear about her baby’s amazing accomplishments, which I DIDN”T! It seemed her goal in life was to convince me that he’d write his first novel by his 6 month birthday… I still roll my eyes when I say...Read more