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The Rock n Roll...

Ok, so this is just going to be a silly post. Don’t put any great expectations on it…

I’m gonna ramble for a minute about B U B B L E S.

I told you it was gonna be silly.

Everything about bubbles are cool to me.  The thing that’s so cool about them is that they are invisible but you can totally see them!...

Invisible AND totally visible…

Just like feelings and friendship and G-d and passion and lots of other important things.

Trip on them for a minute. I have. And I made Jerry Patterson do the same….

These are some cool/fun/funny/happy thoughts that the word Bubbles stimulated for me…

*Bubble gum -Sweet, fun, bubble blowing contests

*Blowing bubbles in milk with a straw - Childhood, visits to the diner with my grandfather

*Saliva bubbles - long car rides, quite fun with siblings

*Booger bubbles – So gross but a little funny when a sneeze prompts one

*Soap bubbles with a wand – Summer time, the cheapest fun you can have with your kids, your dog or your playful cat

*Bubble baths – Need I explain? Aaahh….

*Adult bubble parties – No first hand experience, but……

*Fart bubbles in the bath tub – C’mon, that’s funny!

*Popping the bubbly – Celebration! Laughter! Love!

*Speech bubbles – Cartoons, comic strips

*Bubbles the Powerpuff girl – AWESOMENESS!

*Bubble wrap – LOVE! To this day, I can’t NOT pop those bubbles!

Have I forgotten any?

Have a bubbly Sunday!

Authored playfully by: The Rock n' Roll Doula