"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

Why do they call you the Rock n’ Roll Doula?

Senior Prom, 1985… Randy Patterson? … nowhere to be found.

Instead, I was working as the heavy metal DJ of a small club in Middletown, NY called JB’s Rock 3.

On that particular night a small band named Metallica were opening for the legendary Ramones and I was playing records in between sets.

My love for Heavy Metal was instilled in me by my family.

My parents were graphic designers and worked on album covers for bands like Metallica and Anthrax and my aunt and uncle owned an independent record label known as Megaforce Records.

I spent my teenage years working at my parent’s record store, Rock n’ Roll Heaven North (where I met the love of my life, Jerry Patterson!) and spent Friday and Saturday nights pressed against the stages of L’amours, Studio 54 and The Ritz checking out the latest metal bands. Trading tapes and waiting for new albums to come out was a way of life back then and daring to be different came with the territory!

The passion that heavy metal invoked in me, that spirit to fight for what I believed in, to be true to myself and to never conform, heavily contributed to my success as a wife of 23 years, mother to my two amazing daughters and my life’s work as a labor and postpartum Doula.

I am the co-owner of Northeast Doulas, an agency that eduactes and supports women through childbirth and the ins and outs of being a new mom. When the phone rings at 2am and I find myself in the car on the way to a birth what blares from my speakers is always… old school heavy metal.

My real pride is in my daughters. Erica, 20, who works as an Editorial Assistant for a magazine and Ty, 16 who is a sophomore in high school and a cosmetology student.

“My kids have seen me have passion for what I believe in and fight for what I want. It has instilled in them the belief that they can have anything they want in this world if they are willing to fight for their right to have it!”

Authored by: The Rock n’ Roll Doula