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Which Childbirth Class is Right for You?

Hypnobirthing, The Bradley Method, Lamaze….

Boy oh boy, so many to choose from…. How will you pick the class that’s right for you? Do you know enough about each method to choose the childbirth class that you are philosophically aligned with? Do your research and read up a bit on each method before you decide.

Ultimately, you should be sure to have a good understanding of your anatomy in relation to giving birth. You should also obtain enough knowledge of the risks and benefits of medical interventions so that you thoroughly understand the decisions you will be making for yourself and your baby.

Learn as much as you can regarding comfort techniques such as breathing, position, water therapy, and relaxation.

You should also consider the childbirth educator. Does she have a personal agenda when it comes to birth? Does she offer evidence based information that will enable you to formulate the choices that are best for you?

You will only give birth to this child once! Do your homework, pick the one that’s right for you and have fun! Be sure to exchange information with the other couples in the class so that you can stay in touch and support each other once your babies arrive! Nothing is more comforting than having a new friend to share your experiences with.

Test your knowledge. Take this quiz to see how much you know about childbirth classes.

Gestate peacefully while you [choose the right class for you]