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We are an OFFICIAL MILK BANK in Westchester County!

Breastfeeding can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to bond with your baby. Whether it be because of challenges during breastfeeding, low milk supply, or trouble latching, for many parents their breastfeeding journey is anything but.

So switch to formula, right?


Many parents see incredible value in actual breast milk, and despite not being able to produce enough milk, still prefer their baby consume breast milk, even if not produced by their biological parent.
Northeast Doulas is proud to announce that we are ONE of just THREE Breast Milk Banks located in Westchester County.
So you might be wondering how this actually works.

All milk donors are screened for health concerns and communicable disease.

Our donors MUST meet the following basic requirements:

  • In good health and able to breastfeed, with a surplus of milk.
  • No use of nicotine products or regular use of milk enhancing herbs, including fenugreek or blessed thistle.
  • Minimal use of medications.

Wondering how you can donate breast milk in Westchester County?

How to Donate Breast Milk in Westchester County?

  • Donors have to be screened first (nymilkbank.org)
  • Call us to set up a quick health screening over the phone at 212.956.MILK (6455)
  • Fill out the health and lifestyle questions, consent forms and medical releases we send you.
  • Have your blood drawn for a free blood test.Donate your Milk: Take it to a local drop off location or ship it (free of charge).

If you have an oversupply of breast milk, consider donating!