"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

The Man Of My Dreams <3

Wanna hear more about this Jerry Patterson? Yes? OK!

I was 17 years old. It was 1984.

I dropped out of high school and I was working at my parent’s record store, Rock n’ Roll Heaven North in Warwick, New York. The store was a specialty record shop with a focus on the heavy metal underground scene.

My parent’s and my Aunt and Uncle promoted bands and put on shows in the New York and New Jersey areas and we went to those shows with flyers to promote the store.

One day, a young, hot, Jerry Patterson got his hands on a flyer and rallied a couple of his metal head friends to make the hour long trek to the store in Warwick.

I am behind the counter with my friend Lori and in walks 4 long hair, denim clad, metal stubbed hotties. Jerry Patterson walks to the magazine rack at the back of the store and there it is! I see it for the first time! My eyes are drawn to it and I can’t look away. I nudge Lori. She looks at me. I nudge her again. Her shoulders shrug and I lean into her and speak these words…. “Lori, look at that ass, it’s absolutely perfect”. I continue staring until finally he makes his way to the counter with a question. Before he can spit out the question, I tell him! “you have the cutest ass I have ever seen and I want to bite it” He replies, “Let me get your number…” and my soul mate has been found!

It is now almost 30 years later and I still love that ass!!!!