"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

The Daughter of a Doula

Tyler “my mom is the rock n’ roll doula” Patterson     

Today is Tyler Jane’s 17th Birthday. Rather than tell you how amazing she is and how awesome it feels to be her mother, I interviewed her so you could see what I see! ENJOY!  

The RN’R Doula: What was it like when you were younger and your mom worked as a doula?

Ty: The downside of it was that we never knew when she was leaving. When my sister and I would come home from school to an empty house and no ride to practice or a friend’s house, it was because my mom was at a birth. We knew what she was doing was important but we would be disappointed when our plans would get changed without any notice ☹ Oh, and my dad wasn’t as good a cook as her so that was a bummer too, lol.

The RN’R Doula: Share a magical childhood memory with us.

Ty: My favorite childhood memory was Easter, every year, the night before Easter we would go outside and dig a few small holes. In each hole we would put 3 jelly beans. My mom and dad told us that the Easter Bunny would sprinkle magic water on them and when we ran outside the next morning, there would be tons of lollipops that had “grown” over night

The RN’R Doula: What is the most important thing in the world to you?

Ty: I would say my family. When I imagine being raised by some of my friends families I know for a fact that I would have turned out horrible. My friends suck! They have no morals and make bad choices. I don’t suck because my parents taught me to not suck!

The RN’R Doula: If you could change any one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Ty: I worry. I worry too much to the point where I become crazy and nervous. I love everything about myself, even my flaws, but it would be nice to not have to deal with worrying myself to the point of upset.

The RN’R Doula: What have you learned about parenting from your parents that you will bring to your own children one day?

Ty: My parents taught me to make good choices. Even though the bad choices are sometimes more appealing to me, I still make the good choice, and I want my kids to know how to do that.

The RN’R Doula: How has your mom being a business owner influenced you?

Ty: My mom never went to college, but she is still successful, people have this picture painted in their minds that you wont be successful unless you get good grades and graduate college. That seems dumb to me. I feel like my mom is more successful than most of the people that say that.

The RN’R Doula: Do you have strong thoughts about birth or pregnancy?

Ty: Yes, I hope to have a 100% natural birth, with my mom as my doula, no if, ands or butts!

The RN’R Doula: Why do you think women desire the support of other women?

Ty: I feel like life is a big competition. You walk down the halls at school telling yourself that your hair looks better than hers, shes skinnier than you, you’re prettier but, when girls give each other real compliments or befriend each other, all of that competition seems to go away. Girls can give girls bigger boosts of confidence and self acceptance than boys can give girls. 

The RN’R Doula: Why would you say your mother is proud to call you her daughter?

Ty: I don’t know what she would say, I just know that I make her proud, I can feel that she is proud of me! I want her to tell me why when I’m older, not now. I want to keep giving her reasons to be proud and then I want her to one day when I am a grown up tell me everything that I did to make her feel like I was the perfect daughter. It doesn’t matter why or how I make her proud, as long as I feel like I am making her proud and I keep doing it, that’s what matters.

The RN’R Doula: When you’re out with your mom, and you run into a past client of hers, what is it like.

Ty: Its crazy to see how many people appreciate my mom, im used to how great she is, but when so many other people tell me how amazing and inspirational she is, it makes me proud to have her as mine.

Happy Birthday to my little girl! Tyler Jane, your love of laughter and life is contagious and inspiring and I am so lucky to have you in my inner sanctum. Proud, doesn’t even come close! Happy Birthday, baby!