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The Best Birth Recipe

The Best Birth Recipe

2 cups – Facility that supports your birth wishes

2 cups – Practice whose philosophy matches yours

1 can – Freedom to move the way your body asks you to

2 tbsp – Wisdom to trust your body and your intuition

1/3 cup – Freedom of judgment

3/4 cup each – Education and Personal Choice

1 cup – Emotional support of someone you love

1 cup Physical presence of a Labor Doula

In a large mixing bowl, combine 2 cups of a facility that supports your birth wishes with 2 cups of a practice whose philosophy matches yours.

This combination should be smooth. If the texture is lumpy or anything other than smooth continue mixing until you have achieved the smoothest consistency possible.

Add to that mixture, a full can of freedom to move the way your body asks you to. Stir in 2 tbsp of the wisdom to trust your body and your intuition.

Gently add 1/3 cup of freedom of judgment. No mixing spoons should be used unless absolutely necessary (or if dough asks you to use them) all mixing should be done softly and tenderly by hand. Dough should be warm and cozy to the touch.

Gently ease dough into a warm bath and soak until dough appears to climb out on its own.

Wrap dough in a thick, warm kitchen towel and pat dry.

In a separate bowl, combine equal parts education and personal choice until the two become one.

Pour 1 cup emotional support of someone you love, and 1 cup of the physical presence of a Labor Doula over mixture and allow it to absorb completely.

You will find that sometimes this absorbs very quickly and sometimes this can take a very long time. NEVER rush this process!

Sprinkle with compassion, roll in respect and ENJOY!

Authored by: The Rock n’ Roll Doula