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Labor Doulas

A prenatal visit between you and your partner and your doulas, will give you the opportunity to explore your birth options with an expert who is well versed in all of the area hospital protocols.

Your doula can walk you through each step, from:

  • The remainder of your pregnancy
  • The onset of labor
  • What arriving at your birth location consists of
  • Laboring on the hospitals L&D unit
  • Birthing your baby
  • Your postpartum hospital stay

We are awaiting your contact and looking forward to enjoying a thorough and complimentary intake call with you. During which, we can learn about your preferences, desires and concerns, and share abundantly about how Northeast Doulas can bring comfort and confidence to you during this unpredictable, transitional time.

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Please take a moment to browse through our labor doulas and read some of their profiles. If you feel an immediate connection to one or more of them, please mention that during your initial contact with us so that we reserve a place for you on the calendar of the doulas of your preference. If not, trust that our experience can help guide you to the right doula. The service area of our doulas includes Greenwich, Westchester and NYC.

Special arrangements can be made to meet your individual needs and a sterling standard of discretion should be within your expectations.

” If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it. ”
~ John H. Kennell, MD



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