"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

ProDoula, A Certification Agency for the Modern Doula

Randy, Debbie and Lauren are thrilled to announce the arrival of… ProDoula, A Doula Certification Agency for the Modern Woman!

What is this agency all about?

     – Certifying Doulas

     – Comprehensive and engaging workshops

     – Guidance and mentorship from experienced Doulas

     – Advice and support through the certification process

     – Business advice to establish yourself

ProDoula is a Doula Certification Agency, which provides training, accreditation and business development expertise to women seeking to become Certified Doulas.

Doulas certified by ProDoula practice unconditional support, provide professional & compassionate service at all times and experience the espirit de corps associated with being part of an exceptional team of women.

ProDoula trains doulas to provide exceptional support before, during and after birth, while maintaining professional standards. With the rising need for professional, compassionate and EXCEPTIONAL Doulas, as well as a growing number of people desiring to work as Doulas, the time to become a Doula… is NOW!

The goal of ProDoula is to elevate the role of doulas to a professional level in the eyes of expectant parents, medical professionals, and other Doulas and to provide women of all demographics with a rewarding career opportunity. Contact ProDoula and begin yours today!