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Panties and Pregnancy: From thongs to industrial panties in 40 Weeks

When you get pregnant, there’s no shortage of opinions and new knowledge about how your body is going to change during your pregnancy… You hear about what to expect during pregnancy and what you need for the new baby, but why doesn’t anyone talk about what UNDERWARE you’ll buy?

Were you planning on wearing those frilly little numbers up to your due date?

Let’s talk about panties.

Even if you didn’t invest big bucks into your lingerie before baby, this is certainly no time to cut corners. The panty timeline goes from frills to briefs as the weeks pass by.

But let’s get real! It’s about comfort here, ladies.

We’re all for body positivity and you should feel confident and sexy while pregnant in your undergarments, but during pregnancy, your bum and belly may require a bit more support. 

Materials that are soft, breathable, and stretchy will be your booty’s best friend.

Start by ‘sizing up’ in your favorite style underwear that you’re accustomed to wearing.

No need to jump right into those floral granny panties right away…

They’ll have their moment to shine, don’t worry.

Most women find lower cut bikinis, briefs or boyshorts to be the most comfortable because they aren’t competing with the baby bump and sit comfortably at the hip.

Don’t shy away from those tummy huggers, sometimes that support just feels good on your belly. It’s better to be prepared with an arsenal of sizes and styles for your changing body.

You don’t have to skimp out on sexy.

Everyone feels more confident in a good pair of undies.

Thongs aren’t out of the question either for those days that you need something a little more invisible. You might want to avoid string thongs, to prevent a day full of adjusting.

There’s no golden rule that declares maternity underwear should grace the bottoms of all pregnant women everywhere.

Go to Victoria’s Secret or one of Westchester County’s many lingerie boutiques and get something ruffly but comfortable.

Now for the industrial panty.

For maximum tummy cuddling, high cut briefs and boyshorts will support that lower tummy on days you just feel bulky from the bra down.

Look for briefs that aren’t too tight around your legs or tush, it’s not as easy to fix a wedgie when you have a full term baby in your belly. Well, not gracefully at least!

Think comfortable, sexy, practical and prepared.

Underwear matters more than you think and the right pair can make all the difference.