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Natural Birth, We Don’t do it for the Pain

Natural birth

Women choose spontaneous vaginal deliveries or what most refer to as “natural birth” for a variety of reasons. None of which include, because they love pain. 

“Birth bonding” according to Dr. Sears, is the first of 7 “B’s” of attachment parenting. Bonding with your baby prenatally, through labor, and literally feeling the baby pass through your body is quite an incredible and bonding experience. 

However, the hysteria, or the narrative built around natural birth, is that it is painful, scary and simply a means to an end.

See the juxtaposition?

As a “natural birther” and a heavily tattooed woman, I can tell you that the experiences are uncannily similar. When the tattoo machine touches my skin, I sink into the pain and utilize my breath to move through it. When the machine is not touching my skin, I rest and recover. 

Similarly, when a labor contraction washes over me, I sink into that pain and utilize my breath to move through it, when it ends, I rest and recover.

Birth is not bigger than us, it is us. 

However, when labor becomes suffering, we are grateful for supportive medical interventions. You see, suffering and bonding don’t really go hand and hand…

If natural birth or birth without pain medication is your plan, consider preparing yourself and your birth team with a “code word.” This is a word that you will only say if your plans change and you decide you’d like something medicinal to relieve your discomfort.

This “code word” allows your support team to continue to encourage and support you through sentiments like, “I don’t think I can go on…” and “The pain is too much…” 

This is your birth and only you know what you can handle. Regardless of what you choose, at Northeast Doulas, we believe women deserve to be honored during birth regardless of what their birth plan says!