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Life Is So Complicated?

My post yesterday 

It’s A Girl! Oh Shit…  got a lot of attention. I recieved messages, phone calls and texts from many women who appreciated what I shared for a multitude of individual reasons. One instant message chat with a dear friend stood out and I would like to share it with you today…

Friend: Your blog yesterday made me tear up… a little

Rock n’ Roll Doula: yea, that post got a huge response… I’m not entirely sure why.

Friend: People hate themselves. And they sell out. And your post gives permission not to do that

Rock n’ Roll Doula: wow… life is so complicated?

Friend: You’re the first person to ever tell me that who I am is good enough!

Rock n’ Roll Doula: That’s terrible! Did people tell you that you weren’t? Or did you make that up?

Friend: It isn’t always what is said… My parents never said you aren’t good enough.

Rock n’ Roll Doula:  Do you think they thought you weren’t?

Friend: But, they said if you date a black boy you can’t be our daughter, and that changed everything.

Rock n’ Roll Doula: That’s heavy…

Friend: Mei guan shi.  I don’t care.

Rock n’ Roll Doula:  I don’t care who you fuck… you’re good enough for me!

Friend: Lol

Rock n’ Roll Doula:  can I use this conversation as a blog post?

Friend: Maybe anonymously.  I’m trying really hard to just keep it smooth with my mom.

Rock n’ Roll Doula: maybe or yes?

Friend: Oh god.  Im speaking chinglish. Maybe means no!

Rock n’ Roll Doula:  Lol. I guess you still care what people think…. i love you

Friend: I am saying yes, anonymously. Of course I do…. I want to have a relationship with my mother.

Rock n Roll Doula: I respect your wishes! Anonymous it is.

Friend: On second thought… use my name. Maybe my mom seeing this is exactly what she and I need. I love you RP!

Rock n Roll Doula:  I love you too, Alison.