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Knock it off and just… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Quit the fucking whining and the excuse making and make it happen. What ever “IT” is, just make it happen.

Why do you sabotage yourself? Why do you speak to yourself with weakness and despair? Why do you tell yourself that you will fail? Because you have? So what?!?! I have failed! I have failed many times.

I lived outside at one point. That was my address. Outside. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a job when you can’t write an address or phone number on the job application? I went to the bowling alley everyday. I walked there after stopping at the Mobil gas station’s bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. At the bowling alley, I asked for the manager and was asked each time to leave a phone number that I could be reached on when he returned. I, of course said, “no, that’s ok, I’ll just come back later”. And I did. I came back over and over again because I had to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I had no choice. It was simple! Not easy… but simple.

“The squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

“You get what you give.”

“Quitters never win and winners never quit.”

I begged that man to let me make hamburgers at that bowling alley everyday until he finally said, “you’re not going to stop coming here until I give you the job, are you?’ And he gave me the job. I sucked at it and quickly realized that hamburger making was not for me, but… I GOT THE JOB! If I could get one job, I could get any job!

The lesson I learned was that that I could have any job I wanted. I just had to… MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I thought about my skills… It didn’t take long. I didn’t have many (at that time, I do now!) I also thought about my needs. I NEEDED a place to live. Everyday that I walked to the bowling alley, I passed a run down motel. The idea that inside that disgusting roach infested hotel was privacy, a shower and a bed was incredible to me. How could I get the money together to spend just one night there? I had to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And then it hit me….

I walked over there and went to the front desk. The woman at the desk was the owner and it turned out that I knew her son. I explained my situation and asked her if I could clean rooms in exchange for a room. She said yes! I had no experience other than cleaning my house as a kid when I was told to. I’m sure I wasn’t very good at it but she didn’t seem to care. She needed someone to clean those filthy rooms and I needed a place to stay. It worked, and I MADE IT HAPPEN.

No one did it for me and no one is going to do it for you!

YOU have to do it yourself. 

You have to own it!

You have to make it your bitch!

Work it! 

Don’t let anyone stop you, especially… YOURSELF!

Why are you afraid.? What holds you back?

If your car breaks down and you can’t afford to have it repaired, do you sit and wait until you have the money to fix it? Do you not go to work and make money because you can’t drive your car? Do you quit your job because you don’t have a ride to work?

That is called, making excuses!

That is called, self-sabotage!

That is acting in weakness and despair!

Get over it! Go ask the mechanic if you can sweep the shop and scrub the toilet in exchange for the car repair. Take the bus to work to make the money to have the car fixed. Walk, ride a bike, skip! Do what ever it takes and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Be resourceful…



having the ability to find clever ways to overcome difficulties.

Stop at nothing and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

XO, The Rock n’ Roll Doula