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Kicking 2015 To The Curb

New Year Resolutions and the pressure to execute them can be overwhelming. Self negativity is often induced as you reflect on the previous year, emotionally punishing yourself for things that didn’t go as you planned. These feelings are ugly.

They feel ugly! They sound ugly! These feelings don’t deserve to be what defines you.

To help you start 2016 with a new mindset, we’ve constructed a list of things to “kick to the curb” in 2015.


There is nothing more paralyzing than self doubt.

Self doubt is crippling and is the root of most dilemmas. Self doubt makes decision making virtually impossible. If we begin with self doubt, the ability to make even the simplest of choices will hold us at a stalemate. Instead of doubting yourself, weigh out the pros and cons and avoid lingering at all cost. Base your decisions on what is right for you and have faith in yourself.

Trust your own judgment. Believe it.


Negative thinking is the first level that self doubt trickles down to. Negativity is a vicious force and can be paralyzing. Seeing the positive in even the darkest hour is not impossible. Reminding yourself of that daily can play a huge role in becoming more positive. Your energy is immediately transferred into all that surrounds you so stop dimming the lights.

Kick it to the curb and be the person that lights up the room.


Everyone’s a critic…Human beings are creatures of imperfection. Our lack of humility and our chronic behavior of treating others poorly reflects back on ourselves negatively. You’re thinking ‘not me,’ right? Criticism finds its way into our day to day interactions.

Catch yourself in those moments. Find the small perfection in every imperfection and make it your focus.


Procrastination is something we are all guilty of at one point or another. We are in control when we TAKE control. The longer we put something off, the less likely it is to come to fruition.

Stop justifying procrastination and kick it to the curb.


Never be afraid to fail. The fear of failure can hold us back from reaching our maximum potential. If we don’t try, we eliminate the option of failure and in turn, eliminate the option of success. If you never fail, how do you succeed?

It’s ok to make mistakes. Failure is an important part of the process.

Fail forward to success!

Procrastination leads to self doubt.

Self doubt leads to negativity.

Negativity leads to fear of failure.

Fear of failure ultimately leads to fear of success….. you see where this goes?

The start of a New Year gives us all a chance for rebirth and the realization that we all have the power within us to succeed.

This formula can be reconfigured a million ways but without eliminating these factors, the emotional, physical and financial outcomes will remain the same.

You cannot offer your best self to others without first offering your best self to you.

Happy New Year and Happy New You from Northeast Doulas!