"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

How Dare YOU?!

Don’t do it! It’s a bad idea and you’ll fail every time!


How dare you be so unfair to your self?

You look at another woman in the grocery store. She has a list, a box of coupons (neatly organized) and a calculator. She came with a strategy complete with the week’s menu. Immediately you take your own inventory! Look at your self! Why can’t you be more like her? She’s so organized! You’re a hot mess! You don’t even know what you’ve thrown in the wagon! You’re sure you’ve forgotten half of what you needed. You take ownership of the word failure.

You show up for story time with your toddler and your infant and there she is… Wonder Woman. The mom with 2 girls, the same age as yours. Full face of make-up, great hair, kids in matching outfits, pigtails with matching ribbons she even looks SKINNY in her hot pink matching velour tracksuit and Coach sneakers. First you’re pissed! Fuck her… Who does she think she is?! And then it happens, you start taking your own inventory. I should get up earlier, I should make time for make-up, maybe I should stop letting my toddler pick out her own clothes, I have to lose weight, I look like shit…. UGH! The mental self assault goes on half the morning!

Theses scenarios can be debilitating to us, especially when we are in transition and absolutely when we are struggling with a transition. What we don’t have any way to know is that mom #1 at the grocery store has $125.00 to feed her family of 5 for the week. She must account for every penny and is in desperate need of getting the most bang for her buck! Her husband hasn’t worked for 6 months and the financial pressure is about to push her over the edge.

Mom #2? Wonder Woman? She has a live-in nanny who put those matching outfits on those girls, pigtailed that little girls hair, fed them, tied their shoes and put them in their car seats. All she had to do that morning after going to the gym was look great! That’s it! Nothing else!

How on Earth could you compare? You don’t even know what you’re comparing yourself to! Stop being so incredibly unfair to yourself! It is impossible to develop and maintain good self esteem when you can’t measure up to what you see on other people’s outsides.

So, I say it again!


Let the things that you see others do inspire you. If you’d like to be more organized, take small (pressure free) steps to become more organized. If you’d like to look more together, set aside a few extra minutes for some moisturizer and lip gloss. But please, stop judging your self, give your self room to grow and remember… you’re only human and so is SHE!