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Hiring A Babysitter Makes You A Role Model

I learned everything I needed to know about different parenting styles as a young teenaged babysitter. Really!

Prior to that, I only knew how my parents did it and if the truth be told…. I wasn’t so impressed with them.

So… I watched. And I learned.

I learned that some kids were allowed to watch tv whenever they wanted to and I learned that some kids were allowed to have two cookies and a glass of milk before bed. I learned that some kids brushed their teeth every night before bed and were read  a story and other kids skipped the teeth thing and walked themselves to bed and went to sleep. I listened as some kids told me “I can stay up late, just don’t tell my mom” and other kids said “8:00 is my bedtime”.

I was able to understand from watching the behaviors of children from different families, exactly what systems created what kind of children and for that, I will always be grateful.

I watched the mothers closely. I didn’t pay much attention to the fathers but I watched those mother’s moves like a hawk. I watched how they interacted with their children and with their husbands. Did they tell their kids they would come and kiss them goodnight when they got home or did their kids just wave goodbye at them from in front of the tv? Did they seem excited about a romantic date with their husband or were they mumbling sarcasm under their breath as they were leaving. I noted how they dressed and how their houses looked. I looked to see if there were pizza boxes piled up and take out food boxes in the garbage or if there were home cooked leftovers in Tupperware containers in the fridge.

All of these things had impact on me. A woman’s home explained a lot about her to me. I was learning about how to be a wife, a woman and a mother. THE THREE THINGS ABOUT ME THAT ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT!

So here is my question for you!

What impression do you leave on a teenage babysitter?

Have you given this any thought? You should!

YOU are a role model and YOU play a huge role in the future of women, wives and mothers to be!

My suggestion?

Use your power wisely!

Authored by: The Rock n’ Roll Doula