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First Is The Worst. Baby’s First Christmas

As moms, we set the bar pretty high when it comes to our baby’s first Christmas.

From preparation to completion, our baby’s first Christmas MUST BE PERFECT!

We spend hours shopping for the most adorable outfit for him or her to wear on Christmas Day.

We shop for Christmas presents that he or she will not comprehend or appreciate.

We invest our time in creating special first Christmas ornaments, we visit Santa Claus, we take pictures with our little one in a hat or stuffed in a stocking, we send out Christmas cards with said photo of baby in hat or stuffed in the stocking… The list goes on and on!

The truth is, your baby’s first Christmas will likely not meet your standards of ‘perfect’. 

Here at Northeast Doulas, we have decided to shed some (Christmas) light on the “unrealistic expectations” mothers set for their baby’s first Christmas.

1) Baby’s First Christmas Outfit  

Expectation: Have your little angel deck the halls in this adorable Christmas outfit from MyLittleMissCo on Etsy. Adorable, great for pictures and comfortable for your little one!

(image source: MyLittleMissCo)

Reality: Your baby will likely ruin this outfit with vomit or some other bodily fluid. Talk about overflowing with joy…

(image source: Hollywouldink)

2) Baby’s First Visit With Santa

Expectation: A cute snapshot of your baby with jolly ole St. Nicholas to put on your Christmas cards and send to your family and friends. What a great idea!

(image source: DramaHappensBlog)

Reality: Crowded mall + over stimulated baby + strange man holding that baby = NOT SO SILENT NIGHT!

3) Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Expectation: DIY Christmas ornaments! A keepsake and potential holiday tradition. The perfect way to remember what was (or wasn’t) ‘Baby’s First Christmas’.

(image source: Pinterest)

Reality: Uhm… We’re going to go ahead and call that one a FAIL. Maybe we’ll just buy one from the store.

(image source: CraftFail)

4) Baby’s First Christmas Presents

Expectation: Showering your little one with gifts and remembering how you felt on Christmas morning as a child.

(image source: Pinterest)

Reality: Your baby is more amused by the wrapping paper than any gift under the tree.

(image source: HoBoMama)

5) Baby’s First Christmas With The Whole Family

Expectation: Your whole family in one place spoiling your little one, on his or her first Christmas! What more could a mother want? Attention, kisses and snuggles galore!

Reality: Your baby will likely be completely overwhelmed. The chance that you will end up sneaking away from the festivities, to breastfeed your over stimulated baby, alone in a quite room, are pretty high.

(image source: ModestMomBlog)

This blog post is not meant to discourage any first time moms from creating a wonderful first Christmas for their baby.

Take a minute and laugh at these things and know you are not alone. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You will remember your baby’s first Christmas forever regardless of how great, or not so great it went.

So, don’t set the “perfect standard.” Instead, set an “imperfectly perfect” standard and cherish every single moment!