"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

Doulas of The Northeast

If there’s a flood, I’LL SWIM, but I WILL be with you when you need me!

For many people in the northeast, a giant snowstorm is a great reason to keep their pajamas on, their bras off and their ovens full, while they settle in and wait out the storm with movies and family time around the fire. If you are a Doula and you work for a company called NORTHEAST DOULAS your priorities will be slightly different! Getting your car cleared of snow, getting out of your driveway and keeping your phone charged when the power is out will be all consuming.

I live at the top of a mountain and being “snowed in” when someone is in labor is just not an option for me OR my staff. I drive a Ford Explorer with 4 wheel drive and if the roads are REALLY bad, my knight in shining armor, Jerry Patterson, will drive me. All we have is our accountability when it comes to our clients and no amount of snow, ice, rain or wind will keep us from being by their side when they need us!

A handful of years ago, I got a call one night from a doula that had only been working for us for a few months. It was her first winter as a NORTHEAST Doula and she called because we were in the midst of a bad storm. She said, “What do we do if they say emergency vehicles only, on the roads?” My response… simple and direct…. YOU become an emergency vehicle! Be safe!!!

It is not easy and I won’t tell you that it’s not stressful BUT the rewards of walking a couple through the amazing journey of birth is well worth it. I love what I do (as if you couldn’t tell) and I love being a woman of commitment! If I say I’ll be there, you can bet I will!

Anyone wanna be a doula? A Labor Doula Training is on the calendar.