"Exceptional Care for Families with Newborns"

Confidence + Pregnancy = Peace

Journal Entry, 2009

Dear Diary,

When we did XXXX’s prenatal appointment she was so calm. It was as if she had given birth many times all ready, although this was her first pregnancy. She didn’t ask the usual questions like how will I know when I’m in labor? What do contractions feel like? What if I can’t handle the pain? She was unusually and pleasantly accepting of the whole process and seemed to have the maternal instinct of a woman who had done this many times before.

I was intrigued by her and secretly hoped that I would be on call when she went into labor. When the phone rang at 5:30am and the soft voice on the other end said, “Good morning Randy, it’s XXXX” a smile came over my heart. XXXX and her husband had labored together all night, holding hands, rocking together, standing together in the shower and simply enjoying their last night together as a couple. The next day, they would become a family.

When her water broke, Mr. XXXX loaded the car and she called to ask me to meet them at the hospital. XXXX exhibited a peaceful acceptance of labor. Her confidence brought her unbelievable peace. They say a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do but XXXX did this with a grace, determination and an inner peace that spoke volumes about her as a woman.  She endured the pains of labor as if she had a choice, and chose it, knowing it would make her stronger. I knew that she would store this experience deep within herself and use it as proof later in life that she could achieve anything she desired. I too, left feeling like I would draw on this strength later in my own life.