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Clear The Slate!

Often, we set ourselves up to fail when we set a goal, but goal setting (when done properly) can be a very powerful tool. No one teaches us how to do it properly and so we set half-hearted “goals” and feel like shit when we fail.

Although goal setting has an obvious value, we bring to each set of goals, our feelings and thoughts about the last goal we set. If we succeeded last time, we are filled with confidence this time. If we failed last time (or even considered it a failure) we will surely bring those feelings with us too.

I say, “CLEAR THE SLATE!” Let’s try it a different way. They say that if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got. If we want something different, we must DO something different!

So, let’s set a goal.

The first thing to ask your self is “WHAT?”

What do I want to accomplish? What is the end result that I have in mind? (Mine is to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks)

Next ask yourself “WHY?” Why do I want to do it?

The key to motivation is the motive. The motive is the “why.” It gives us energy to stay strong when it gets tough. If the goal isn’t connected to the why, you need to question the goal.(For me, it’s about comfort. I am more comfortable 10 pounds lighter. My clothes fit better and I feel better)

And then you must ask yourself “HOW?” How will you do it?

What is your strategy? You can’t start with an, I’ll “figure it out” model! It must be deliberate. It might work for a short period but success relies on a well thought out approach to HOW! (For me, It’s Weight Watchers. It has worked in the past for me so I believe it will work again.)

That is the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW to goal setting but it can’t be that easy and I can assure you, IT’S NOT!

The most important piece of the goal setting puzzle is…. Are you ready????

It’s one simple word…. BELIEF!

When we add belief to the what, why, how formula we are on our way to ACCOMPLISHING our goal!

A few years ago, scientists at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration developed an interest in bumblebees. The lab folks figured the insect held some secret of flight that may provide answers to questions about operation in space. 

They asked themselves how such small wings could produce efficient lift for such a relatively large and hairy torso. And how could a round body and flight position violating many principles of aerodynamics move so efficiently through the air? They felt there was much to be learned from the bumblebee. 

These scientists set about studying the bumblebee to discover its flying secrets. They hypothesized, scrutinized, examined, dissected, measured, timed, filmed, observed, compared, quantified, thought about and debated the bumblebee. After weeks of study they came to one conclusion – bumblebees are not capable of flight.

But no one has told the bumblebee. The single most critical part of achieving a goal is believing in yourself and your capability to succeed. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right.” The bumblebee thinks it can!. 

Actually the thought of anything else never even crosses its mind. It just keeps on flying.

I believe you can! Do you?

(The photo for this blog is of the tattoos that symbolize my daughters, reminding them to always believe in themselves!)