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Chinese Doctors Seeking Doula Care

On Thursday September 26, I had the honor of visiting with a group of obstetricians from China as well as the president of the China Doula Corporation.

I was contacted about a month ago by the teams NY friend, Certified Nurse Midfife, Dewan Duan.

The group was being led by Dr. Ruyan Pang, who is the Vice President of China Maternal & Child Health Association (CMCHA). They were traveling to the United States to study the benefits of Doula care during labor in relation to lowering their very high cesarean section rates. In various parts of China the c-section rate ranges from 46%-80%!

I was so excited about this opportunity and called our friends at Hudson Valley Hospital Center to set up a tour of labor and delivery as well. (Thanks HVHC for use of the conference room and the refreshments you provided!)

Dr. Ruyan Pang and her team were thrilled to see the birth tubs in the labor rooms and asked tons of questionsDr. Sheila Pongnon and CNM, Joanne Mazzio of Westchester Medical Practice and Sabrina Nitkowski-Keever, Director of Maternal Child Health at HVHC, were on hand to answer their questions. Meanwhile, Debbie was in the room next door, doula-ing one of our wonderful clients. The team got a brief meet and greet with her and were delighted to see Northeast Doulas in action.

After the tour, the team and I settled into a conference room where I spent two hours privately fielding questions from them (and listening to my answers translated in Chinese, so fun!) about Doulas and the business side of Doula work! They were particularly interested in ProDoula, our Doula certification Agency and the curriculum that I wrote for our labor and postpartum certification programs.

The team brought me a magnificent Chinese vase, as a thank you gift, which now beautifully adorns our Putnam Valley office! Stop by and see it, a picture wouldn’t do it justice!

I am looking forward to hearing from Dr. Pang about lowered cesarean section rates in China and am hoping to take MY team to China to share our experience, passion and hope for the transformation of birth!

The full team consisted of:

Dr. Ruyan Pang – Vice President of China Maternal & Child Health Association (CMCHA);

Dr. Fan Ling – Director of OBS Department of Beijing OBS/GYN hospital;

Dr. Ma Yanyan – Director of OBS/GYN Department of Tsinghua University first hospital, Beijing;

Dr. Ma Haihui – Deputy director of Tongxian MCH hospital (Obstetrician), Beijing

Dr. Sun Lizhou – Director of OBS/GYN, Jiangsu provincial MCH hospital;

Dr. Niu Jianmin – Director of OBS, Guangdong provincial MCH hospital

Mr.Xu Jian – Peking University the first hospital (Deputy director of medical service office) Beijing

Mr. Li Junyu – CEO (China Doula Corporation);

Prof. Shouyong Yan – A professor of geometry, Dr. Pang’s husband

Authored by: The Rock n ’Roll Doula