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A Stick of Rouge, a Tube of Mascara and Now I’m Blind!

Makeup empowers women by allowing us to enhance our appearance. The entire process of makeup is exciting. Whether you wear makeup every day, or not so often, it is undeniably fun! From going to the store and choosing your cosmetics, to applying them, to feeling confident all day long with a fresh face of new makeup. 

What memories come to mind when you think about makeup? 

Do you remember that Mary Kay party that you once went to and bought a bunch of stuff you didn’t need? 

Do you flash back to a slumber party where you and your besties did makeovers and painted each others nails? 

Do you think about the time your sister was getting ready for her first date so you gave her a pep talk while helping her apply her lipstick?

Aside from the personal empowerment makeup can give to us it also brings us back to a time in our lives where we were young, wild and free. It makes us look good, feel good and it brings women together. 

We have asked a few of the Northeast Doulas to share their very first memory of makeup.


Randy Rock’n’Roll Doula 

When I was a little girl my mother didn’t wear makeup a lot but every now and then she did. She had this beat up, old, case that she had her makeup in.

I remember there was this really fat, round, pink tube that you twisted up and it was fat and thick and sparkly.

And when she would put it on she would put one line on each cheek. She called it rouge. Now I know it was blush but she would tell me “this is rouge”. When she wasn’t home I would always sneak in there and look at the rouge and I would twist it up and twist it back down.

Then one year on Halloween I was a princess and she was like “okay, I am going to put some makeup on you”.

I immediately was like THE ROUGE!? I was so excited about the rouge. So she sat on an ottoman while I stood up in front of her and she opened that case and there was that sparkly rouge stick! She pulled the top off and twisted it up and she drew one line on each one of my cheeks.

I was the fairest princess of them all with my rouge cheeks. 


Debbie Aglietti

My first memory of makeup is about my mother and how she aplied her mascara.

When I was a little girl I would watch my mother put on her makeup and when she got to mascara she would open her mouth as wide as it could possibly open.

I remember the first time I put on mascara I thought that you had to open your mouth that wide for it to work. While doing this, my sister looked over at me and was like “What are you doing?!” and I said, “I am putting on my mascara like mom!”.

She laughed at me. 


Kim Jones

I remember when I was a little girl Diana Ross and The Supremes were the girls to be.

They each had on this winged eyeliner and I couldn’t wait until I got old enough to be able to wear eyeliner just like that.

So one day I decided that I wanted to put the eyeliner on and the way most people were doing it was on the top the eyelid and the bottom eyelid. So I took the liquid eyeliner and I put it on and made my perfect wing on top. I wanted the bottom to meet with the top so I took that liquid eyeliner and put it on my bottom eyelid and it got all inside of my eye and nobody was home. I thought I was going to be blind. I sat there and thought, if I cry that will help it get out and if I run it under water that will also help it get out. So between crying and sticking my eye under the water, I can see again!

Let’s just say I never put eyeliner on the bottom eyelid ever again.

I wish somebody would have told me you use pencil for the bottom. 


As mothers we often times put ourselves on the back-burner for our families and the people around us and don’t think twice about it.

Being a mother is a selfless task. 

You grow a human being inside of your body. Your body is another living creatures home for 9 months. Then that little human is born and you become its everything.

Where is the YOU time? 

Northeast Doulas encourages you to pick up the phone and call your closest girlfriend, your sister or even your mom and schedule a day full of beauty!