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A REAL Welcome Home

I followed the school bus today on my way home and it made many stops.

At each stop there was a woman waiting to greet a child as he or she exited the bus. At each stop, the woman held a phone to her ear and without even a hello, she reached her extended hand toward the child, locked hands with him or her or put it on his head to guide him toward their house.

I felt sad. Not sad because of what the women did each time, but because of what the children did. The children did NOTHING! The children’s expectations were met each time. They expected NOT to be spoken to!!!!! They expected that the person on the other end of the phone was more important than them. And each time… they were right! I felt sad. This is not what anyone should come home to after a long hard day.

When my girls were small, I didn’t have the constant distraction of my cell phone. I wasn’t talking, texting, checking facebook, instagramming, tweeting or pinning. I was engaging with my children. I actually waited with anticipation for their arrival. I missed them while they were gone. I still do….

I am grateful that this technology presented itself after my young parenting generation because I too could have easily been sucked into this rude behavior. I am certain that my social nosiness would have easily distracted me from the beauty and simplicity of life. It does now. I find myself looking at my phone or computer during commercials, long car rides, waiting rooms, long lines etc. You know, all of the times where before this technology we engaged with the people around us. A quick hello, a short chat about the weather etc.

Will this stop? Or will this change, cause further separation for mankind? Do people know it’s a problem and do it anyway or do they really not know?

I stopped my car behind the bus at one stop. And don’t forget… my car is PINK! I very noticeable pulled my little car over just after the bus pulled away. I opened the window and said, “excuse me, I have to tell you… I have been following this bus for the last 15 minutes and I want you to know that YOU are the ONLY person who was not on the phone when your children stepped off the bus! You greeted them with a smile and with eye contact and they felt welcomed and loved.” She smiled and I said, ”That is how children are supposed to feel. Thank you for raising well adjusted people!” The rest of humanity appreciates it also.” And I drove home.

No tweet, instagram pic or facebook status is as important as a warm welcome home….

XO, The Rock n’ Roll Doula