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How do I choose the right doula?

*Is she certified?

To become a certified Labor Doula is fairly simple:
The requirements are that you attend an intensive 3-5 day workshop.
Complete a short reading list (6-10 books)
Write several essays.
Attend 3 births where you are evaluated by the mother, nurse and provider.

*Is she experienced?

For many women, asking if a doula is certified is just a starting point. Experience once she is certified holds more weight. Keeping in mind that it only takes 3 births to become certified,...Read more

A bad day Doula?


Good morning, Northeast Doulas.

Ummm… Hi, my name is Suzie Q.

I am not pregnant and I didn't have a baby, i just want a doula!

I’ve had a bad couple of days, my husband works insane hours, I’m tired and cranky and I just want to be nurtured!

Can you send me a Doula please?

You decide you’re taking a personal day. You aren’t sick, you just need a day. You want to rest but you know if you’re home alone for the day, you might grab a nap but you’re probably going to use the time for “...Read more


I completely disagree with this overused, under-understood statement that it takes a village to raise a child! I mean really??? The whole village? What about the village idiot? Does he get to help too?

I’ll tell you what it does take. It takes parents that parent deliberately. It takes a small handful of the RIGHT people. People who understand your values, your morals and your parenting philosophies.

Recently, a woman in my village (my daughters, 11th grade English teacher) thought I needed help raising MY child. I, however, did not invite...Read more


The free just gave me the definition of “alternative birth” and I thought I should share it with you.

...Read more


Senior Prom, 1985… Randy Patterson? … nowhere to be found.

Instead, I was working as the heavy metal DJ of a small club in Middletown, NY called JB’s Rock 3.

On that particular night a small band named Metallica were opening for the legendary Ramones and I was playing records in between sets.

My love for Heavy Metal was instilled in me by my family.

My parents were graphic designers and worked on album covers for bands like Metallica and Anthrax and my aunt and uncle owned an independent record label known as Megaforce Records.

I...Read more

Postpartum Help… Do I Need It?


Understanding what your postpartum needs will be while you are pregnant, can be a very tricky thing.

You haven’t even given birth to this baby yet, so how will you know your needs.

You might be asking yourself….

Who will help me?

Will breastfeeding come easy?

Should I hire a baby nurse?

Do I need a lactation consultant?

Is a postpartum doula a better choice for me?

When can I pump?

How the hell do I pump?!?!

My suggestion is always the same.

Tune...Read more