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It’s finally time to meet your newborn and you’ve been dreaming of seeing their perfect face for months.

When they finally get handed to you, they’re not always the “picture perfect” sight you expected.

What is all this cheesy stuff all over my new baby?!

It’s gross!

We ordered ours without the cheese, thanks.

While it can seem pretty unsightly, be thankful it's there.

The 'cheese' or more commonly referred to as vernix, is an important part of protecting your baby...Read more

Postpartum moms are often looking for a way to speed up their recovery, get their pre-baby bodies back and gain a general sense of wellness. Usually this process is easier said than done... Now these postpartum moms are trying to balance life at home, work, newborn care and adding some fitness into their routine is difficult to stick to.

We found a perfect solution that matches the needs described by new mother’s in the Baby Burn Fitness program based out of Mahopac, New York. Baby Burn Fitness is designed...Read more

Last Wednesday Northeast Doulas headed to Dutchess Stadium to raise awareness and collect donations for No Child Wet Behind at The Renegades baseball game! The...Read more

As the summer draws to a close, we are coming up on a new school year, pumpkin pies and crisp sweater weather.

Even with fall nearby, don’t forget about these last precious weeks of summer sunshine.

Spend some time as a family or plan a few adventures at home while you still have long days and warm nights.


Plan a movie night outside.

Sometimes an adventure can be found ...Read more

Raising kids isn’t easy no matter what gender they are. But, as a mother of two sons, I know a heck of a lot about raising boys. Even as I sat down to write this guest post (for Randy Patterson and Northeast Doulas) I was interrupted by my three year old son Miles walking into my office holding a giant kitchen knife requesting that I slice him up a snack, followed shortly after by my six year old banging away to The Who on his drum set-up. Let’s just say that raising boys comes with a few special...Read more

As a girl who grew up in the backyard playing baseball, roller-hockey, and making mud-pies, I was more than a little nervous when the ultrasound tech looked up and said “There is your daughter!”

You see, at a young age, up until I was about 20, I hadn’t ever spent time with little girls. My brother had two sons, my cousin is a boy, most of the neighborhood kids were boys, and the ones that were girls really weren’t keen on being my friend. I always dreamed of ...Read more