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Two Doulas For These Three Doulas!

The Rock n Roll...

Each one of us (Me, Debbie and Lauren) has two doulas at all times!

Imagine living your life with two judgment free, supportive, understanding loving Doulas by your side. That is how the three of us walk the Earth.

It is more than a best friend. As doulas, we have erased the judgment factor from our list of habitual behaviors (when it comes to other women anyway) and opened a door to a world that knows no emotional boundaries. Together, we are free to explore who we are, shine at our best and be peeled off the ground at our worst. We are beyond embarrassment. We are who we are and that is good enough for us. We point out each other’s strengths and make up for each other’s weaknesses. We are a team and there is great comfort in that. We are bonded by our work, connected by our contract and most importantly, united in understanding! We understand each other and we can relate to each other’s feelings.

We have “doula-ed” each other through the births of our babies, the loss of our loved ones, battles with depression, issues with our parents, parenting issues and the list goes on and on.

Doulas ask questions. Thought provoking questions. The kind of questions that push you to dig deep and decide what YOU want. Doulas don’t encourage you to do what THEY want! They encourage you to do what YOU want! When I am asked a question by my Doulas and a dialogue follows that leads me to a decision that I must make, the process empowers me, regardless of the topic.

The women that work for us, our friends, our sisters, our biggest supporters, Elaine, Janis, Kim, Dara, AnnMarie, Cathy, Katie, Val, Amy and Lindsay push us to be the very best women we can be and that inspires us beyond words.

I sit with my coffee this morning thinking about two things.

1) That I am so completely grateful for the women who have been put in my life and 2) That California was closer to New York!