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spring family fun

We got plenty of April showers and now it's time for all the gorgeous May flowers!

Whether you're starting some seeds for your veggie garden or adding some vibrant spring blooms around your mailbox, gardening can be a whole lot of fun for the whole family. Kids love to get their hands dirty and watch their plants grow to produce flowers and fruit and parents can appreciate their enthusiasm for the enviornment and their excitment to eat all the healthy veggies they harvest. 

Since spring planting season is officially here, we're sharing some tips and tricks to making gardening with your kids a safe and fun activity to enjoy in the beautiful weather of May. 

So get out those sun hats, garden tools and get ready to get dirty. 

Sun Protection

It might be early in the season to be thinking about summer safety, but on a sunny spring day, your skin can take a lot of damage. If you're planning on gardening in the yard instead of containers inside, make sure sun protection is your number one priority. Especially on...Read more

Easter is the first big holiday that officially celebrates the changing of the seasons and the birth of spring. 

Whether you're celebrating Easter as a religious holiday, a gathering of family or anything in between, rich family traditions make the holiday so much sweeter and more meaningful. We put together a list of fun traditions that many families call their own and some that might be completely new! 

Get your little ones on board with celebrating Spring's arrival with some fun activities made just for them. 

Dying Easter Eggs

If your household is Easter celebrating, you probably have some great memories of dying Easter eggs. Get started by hard boiling a whole bunch of eggs. You can use a kit or can even make your own beautifully vibrant egg dye. Kool-Aid and hot water makes a ton of colors to choose from and they smell fantastic. You can even write some secret messages on your eggs for the kids to find when they start dunking their eggs. If your kids are...Read more