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Pregnancy care

When you get pregnant, there’s no shortage of opinions and new knowledge about how your body is going to change during your pregnancy... You hear about what to expect during pregnancy and what you need for the new baby, but why doesn’t anyone talk about what UNDERWARE you'll buy?

Were you planning on wearing those frilly little numbers up to your due date?

Let's talk about panties.

Even if you didn’t invest big bucks into your lingerie before baby, this is certainly no time to cut corners. The panty timeline goes from frills to briefs as the weeks pass by.

But let's get real! It’s about comfort here, ladies.

We’re all for body positivity and you should feel confident and sexy while pregnant in your undergarments, but during pregnancy, your bum and belly may require a bit more support. 

Materials that are soft, breathable, and stretchy will be your booty's best friend.

Start by 'sizing up' in your favorite style underwear that you’re...Read more

The Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Your Pregnancy

It's one thing to BE pregnant, it's another thing to enjoy being pregnant! Try some of these fun and informative ways to have fun being pregnant or enjoy looking forward to some when you are!

10) Make friends with someone else who is pregnant. Share the experience! Everything is more fun to do with a friend and pregnancy is no different!

9) Have a Blessing way. Get the girls together for a more spiritual and philosophy based celebration of your soon to be motherhood.

8) Journal your feelings as you transition into motherhood. Think about finding a few quiet moments and reading this journal on your baby's birthday every year.

7) Join an online group and read what others are experiencing. 

6) Talk with women who have POSITIVE stories about their own births. Try to avoid negativity and dramatic re-tellings of horrific birth stories!

5) Take a childbirth education class. This is a MUST! Knowledge is power! Empower yourself!

4) Have a professional pregnancy photo shoot done. Go for it!

3) Wear form-fitting tops that enhance your newly voluptuous breasts! Ohh la la...

2) Make a belly cast, paint it and hang it in the nursery.

1) HIRE A LABOR DOULA! Enjoy your pregnancy with the educational, emotional and physical support of a labor doula. Remember, this is your last chance to be nurtured, before you become the nurturer!Read more

Staying safe from negativity during pregnancy!

“She acts like she’s the only woman to ever be pregnant”… followed by an eye roll….

Who says that?! Oh, I’ll tell you who says that! WOMEN! Close friends, co-workers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws etc… The onslaught of birth negativity starts the moment we share our amazing news!

There are some bizarre behaviors that surround pregnancy in our culture that I will never understand.
Here is a perfect example.

Sister in law: So, (excitedly) when are you due???
Newly pregnant mom: My midwife said my estimated due date is Sept 12th.

Sister in law: Hmmph…That doesn’t mean a thing. If you don’t have your baby by that day, they will induce you.
Newly pregnant mom: Really?

Sister in law: Yup, that’s what happened to me. They made me go to the hospital, hooked me up to this crazy medicine called Pitocin. I was contracting like crazy! One after another for hours! I begged for an epidural! I thought I was gonna DIE!!!!
Newly pregnant mom: What if I want a natural birth or a water birth?

Sister in law: What are you nuts?! Go to the hospital and get an epidural the second you go into labor!!!
Newly pregnant mom: (walks away feeling terrified and confused)

This happens every day in our culture. Women seem to enjoy creating fear for one another around labor and birth....Read more