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So, you have a baby and then a few minutes later a doctor or midwife says, “Ok, give me a little push now” and you think “WHY? Is there another one in there??”  There isn’t (unless there’s supposed to be), but now it’s time to delivery your placenta.  The placenta is grown for a specific purpose, and now that this baby has been born, your body is ready to expel it.  So what next?!

 Currently, the standard protocol (in most places) is that the placenta is discarded as medical waste.  Your other option is to take it home with you.  Why would you take your placenta home?  Some people bury it, some people make it into a smoothie and some people encapsulate their placenta for ingestion.

Why would you ingest your placenta? LOTS of reasons!  It can be a great way to increase your milk supply, decrease your risk of postpartum depression and increase your energy levels after having a baby… just to name a few.  How do you ingest your placenta?  The way we’re seeing the placenta most commonly ingested is through the process of placenta encapsulation – dehydrating your placenta and turning that into a powder that becomes your placenta pills.  These are taken like any other vitamin.   How do you find someone to encapsulate your placenta?  Most people search on the internet, ask a friend or their provider for a referral.  And most are surprised by the number of options.  Who is going to encapsulate your placenta?  And WHERE is she going to do it?  At Northeast Doulas,...Read more

Staying safe from negativity during pregnancy!

“She acts like she’s the only woman to ever be pregnant”… followed by an eye roll….

Who says that?! Oh, I’ll tell you who says that! WOMEN! Close friends, co-workers, sisters, in-laws, out-laws etc… The onslaught of birth negativity starts the moment we share our amazing news!

There are some bizarre behaviors that surround pregnancy in our culture that I will never understand.
Here is a perfect example.

Sister in law: So, (excitedly) when are you due???
Newly pregnant mom: My midwife said my estimated due date is Sept 12th.

Sister in law: Hmmph…That doesn’t mean a thing. If you don’t have your baby by that day, they will induce you.
Newly pregnant mom: Really?

Sister in law: Yup, that’s what happened to me. They made me go to the hospital, hooked me up to this crazy medicine called Pitocin. I was contracting like crazy! One after another for hours! I begged for an epidural! I thought I was gonna DIE!!!!
Newly pregnant mom: What if I want a natural birth or a water birth?

Sister in law: What are you nuts?! Go to the hospital and get an epidural the second you go into labor!!!
Newly pregnant mom: (walks away feeling terrified and confused)

This happens every day in our culture. Women seem to enjoy creating fear for one another around labor and birth....Read more


The free just gave me the definition of “alternative birth” and I thought I should share it with you.

alternative birth - a method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings

When did we as a society decide that intrusive high tech medical intervention in hospital settings was the “normal” way to give birth?

I mean it is certainly an option and thank goodness for those interventions when we need them, but It seems to me that if we stop talking about natural birth as “alternative birth” it might have a chance at becoming a little more main stream.

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Why do these...Read more