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Saturday Morning Top 10 - Week 5




10 things to do with your newborn so you don’t go crazy!

Once the craziness and newness of having the baby wears off, you may find yourself, dare I say it… Bored….  Right now you are probably thinking, I’m so busy; I can’t wait till I can be bored.  It’s great, for the first two or three days, and then the reality sets in.  What do you do now?  Here are some suggestions.

10.  Take a walk – Whether you go out your front door and walk your neighborhood, or stick the baby and stroller in the car and go to a park or a walking path.  Fresh air does wonders for both you and the baby.  Make sure you have a light blanket to cover the stroller if you are going to be walking in the sun. 

9.  Go to a movie – Yes, I said a movie, not watch a movie at home. Take your cuddly baby into a dark theater and more than likely, your baby will sleep through the whole thing.  A matinee during the week shouldn’t be crowded, and you will pay less, just in case it doesn’t work out

8.  Meet a friend for coffee or lunch.  We all take the time to eat lunch or at least drink a cup of coffee. Call a friend, set a time and place, and don’t cancel! Talk to another adult. Take the time to get ready, get the baby ready and go out!

7. Get a pedicure. If you time it right, I promise it can work.  Go after a feeding, so with luck, the baby will fall asleep in the car and sleep through the whole adventure.  You will have done something for yourself, and it will feel good!

6. Go to the grocery store. Ok, maybe it’s not fun, but we have to eat and feed our family. Lock the baby into the cart and take a leisurely stroll down the aisles. There will be plenty of people excited to coo at your baby.

5. Retail therapy. Even if it’s not time to shop for clothes yet, who doesn’t need a new pair of shoes or a new bag?

4. Sign up for a class at Gymboree. Your first class is free, you will meet some other moms and your baby will love it!   

3. Enjoy a mommy and me yoga class– Destination Maternity in White Plains offers this class. The class is for babies 6 weeks old to crawling. 

2. Stroller Strides is a great way to get some exercise in with your little one in tow and they offer a free trial class. So take advantage of it!

And the number 1 way to keep from going crazy with a newborn is... TAKE A NAP! AFTERALL, YOU JUST HAD A BABY!