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Northeast Doulas Annual No Child Wet Behind Registration OPEN!


Northeast Doulas is excited to announce that the event registration for our annual No Child Wet Behind 5K is now open! 

In case you are unfamiliar with this fundraiser, No Child Wet Behind began as a small local event started by Northeast Doulas three years ago. When we realized how many families just in our surrounding area alone struggled with providing diapers for their small children, we knew we had to do something to change this. 

No Child Wet Behind brings support to families in diaper need that otherwise goes unfunded by any government backed programs.

We set a goal to collect diapers to help our local diaper bank, now we have evolved into a nationwide foundation that assists hundreds of families and facilities all over the country. 

It is so important to spread the word to further our reach so we need your support too! Here is how you can get involved....

On May 21, 2016 doula agencies all across the country will be facilitating  National Diaper Drive and 5k Run events.

These events will take place in select local cities where diaper donations will be collected through their community and sponsors. The donations will later be dropped off at the chosen beneficiary locations. You can view these beneficiaries, along with other details when you register for No Child Wet Behind online with your local chapter.

Individuals can also make a monetary donation to continue your support. 

Bring your whole family to participate! The day will consist of family fun, education and support, and a 5k run that will get you moving. For those of you in the Westchester County and surrounding area, Northeast Doulas will be hosting our No Child Wet Behind Diaper Drive at FDR Park. Please visit our event webpage for details or contact us at