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I say that with complete humor because I know you think the same thing!

How on Earth do you explain to a teenager that what happens socially in high school, although it seems like the most significant and important thing on planet Earth, simply… doesn’t matter!

My conclusion… You can’t! No one could have explained it to me and I can’t explain it to mine.

Facebook is a funny thing. Somehow reuniting on facebook with people you weren’t friends with in high school makes sense.

Reaching out to a stranger whose paper you copied or test you cheated off of is perfectly acceptable. I mean, I’m sure we all have a few people that hurt our feelings in school beyond repair that we avoid online, but for the most part, the wars have ended, the aggressors have surrendered, the wounded are healed and we all gather on facebook to “share” our lives. Most of us share just the positive stuff and manage the negative in other ways, but some share it ALL keeping us tuned in for exciting facebook outbursts.

Have we changed or have we stayed the same??? A facebook outburst (you know… where someone goes on a wild rant about what an asshole someone else is or how they’ve been wronged in some way by someone else) generates the same excitement and gossip of the old high school days when 2 football players fist fought in the hall after lunch over the cheerleader with the big tits. At 46 years old, you see one of the rants or outbursts on facebook, you pop open a...Read more

Mother’s Day is a tough one for me. My mom died a couple of years ago but that’s not why it’s so tough.

She and I had a tumultuous relationship and it was difficult for me to be her daughter. You see, she would say things to me casually and nonchalantly that would infuriate me and then not understand why I was upset. Things like “don’t get your hopes up” and “your expectations are too high”. Anyone who knows me, even for a short time, knows that my hopes are ALWAYS up and my expectations are ALWAYS high. 2 of my greatest characteristics… if you ask me.

I know instantly when I say something that upsets my children (although it is something I try not to do). I know because I know my children. I think my resentment comes from her not knowing me well enough to know what types of things were upsetting to me.

It’s hard to write this post and I hope my sister doesn’t read it. (Her experience with our mother was much different than mine, or maybe I just expected more) It’s amazing what comes out when you start typing. I EXPECTED MORE... that’s it. That’s all it is.

I expected her to give it all, be it all, want it all, love it all! I expected her to lavish me in love. I expected her to be passionate and enthusiastic about my life, my stories, my world. I expected her to love me with home cooked food, special tokens/gifts and her time. I expected her total commitment to her grandchildren, holiday meals together and the unity of her...Read more

I am your inner voice. Why do you sometimes not listen to me? I am here to protect you and when you listen to me, you feel safe, secure and most importantly, confidant.

Remember when you were in 10th grade and I told you not to copy your friend’s homework assignment and you did it any way? You not only got yourself in trouble, but she got in trouble too? Remember how ashamed you felt? I told you so….

Remember the very next year, 11th grade? You were in “love” with Paul. I was constantly screaming at you that he was a flirt and that he was no good for you. He talked to EVERY girl he could and you wasted your entire junior year on him. You waited with your phone in hand day in, day out waiting for him to ask you to the prom. You even said no when Scott asked you thinking you were going to be Paul’s date. Remember how lonely and miserable you felt when Paul went with Michelle and YOU stayed home? I told you so…

How bout when you were 24 and you were offered that job in California and I told you that being that far away from your family wasn’t comfortable for you. Remember? I told you that your family was more important to you than a business decision! Why wouldn’t you listen to me? You were completely overwhelmed at the going away party and the day you got on that plane, you were an emotional wreck! You lasted 3 weeks in California! Why wouldn’t you listen to me?!?! I told you so…

Remember when you met Tim?...Read more

Top 10 Things To Do With Your Children On a Beautiful Sunny Day!

10) Swing on a swing. Head to the park and give your little one the joy of her hair blowing in the wind while you push her on a swing.

9) Skip rocks! What is cooler than showing your kids how cool it is to see a rock hop along the water.

8) Make a list of things you might find on a nature walk and mark them off the list as you find them.

7) Go have some fun at a local petting zoo.

6) Visit a local farm and get some vegetables to prepare together for dinner.

5) Throw a blanket down in the backyard and bring lunch outside for an impromptu picnic!

4) Go to an outdoor shopping center and bring a bike with you! So much fun!

3) Bring an easel outside and do some finger/toe painting! My personal favorite!

2) Plant flowers in your elderly neighbors yard when she isn’t home! Teach your children the gift of giving happiness to a neighbor!

And the #1 thing to do with your children on a beautiful sunny day is


Northeast Doulas - No Child Wet Behind

Northeast Doulas is now collecting diapers for our NO CHILD WET BEHIND Diaper Drive and Fundraiser.  Diapers and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Westchester Coalition for the Hungry and Homeless

We are raising awareness about the challenges that so many families are faced with in order to keep their babies in clean, dry diapers.  We will be collecting diapers through our event on June 1st.  The day will start off with a 5k/ 10k race and 1 mile Family Walk followed by a Family Fun Day to celebrate this amazing community!  

Bring some diapers, run and have fun!  See you at FDR Park in Yorktown Heights on June 1st!

For more information about diaper collection locations and to register, check out the EVENTS page on our website!

Northeast Doulas is proud to bring awareness to such a wonderful cause and we are so grateful for the support of our title sponsor Hudson Valley Hospital CenterRead more

Decision making can pose its challenges.

I say… when in doubt, go with your gut!

Should I or shouldn’t I, will I or won’t I, Do I or Don’t I?

Whether it is about eating dessert, starting a business or buying a new car, the right answer lies within us. There is an internal “voice” that motivates our actions and we either accept it or fight against it.

When I am faced with a hot fudge sundae at the end of a day where I have stuck to my “diet”, my gut screams at me, “DON”T DO IT!!!!” On a good day, I listen. I trust myself and I act based on that inner voice. I wake up the next morning feeling good about myself and feeling confident. Not just because I didn’t add those extra calories, but because I listened to the voice inside me that was put there to protect me. I also know how I feel when I’m with a friend who eagerly wants an “eating buddy” and persuades me to eat the sundae and disregard my inner voice. That person has their own agenda and doesn’t have MY best interest at heart. I wake the next day feeling disappointed in myself. Not just because I added the calories, but because I wasn’t true to myself.

We often seek advice or counsel from those we deem smarter or wiser than ourselves. Those people may have a skill set that we don’t posses BUT do they have our intuition? Do they have our insight? Do they really understand our passion or desire for what we are facing a decision about? Most importantly… are they...Read more


Top 10 favorite books

Whenever I go to a baby shower or get a gift for a new baby, I always add a book for the child’s library.  Over the years with my boys we have received many books and several have had written inscriptions from friends and family.  Reading the book was like finding an old letter and the boys always remember who gave them “The Polar Express”.

Here are my top 10 favorite children’s books, and why

10. Teddy’s Busy Day - As you can see from the blog photo, we got our monies worth on this book!  Each page offers your child a new activity to place the cardboard Teddy.  This is the perfect “child on your lap” book.  This was the final book of the night for a very long time. 

9. Guess how much I love you - I got this book while I was pregnant with my first.  I used to read it to him while I was pregnant imagining what it would be like to read it to him when he was on the outside.  I get chocked up to this day when I see that book in a store because of the storm of emotions it brings out of me.  As parents, the book also teaches us how our children want and need to understand that we love them.

8. The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Like every book by Eric Carle, this...Read more

Sticks and stones will break my bones and NAMES WILL ALWAYS HURT ME!

What does it rhyme with?

What does it sound like?

Does it open the door for other kids to be assholes to yours?

We ask ourselves these questions when considering names for our babies in hopes of choosing one that will prevent them from being harassed in school. We remember well, the pain we suffered from the ugly mouths of our peers when we were children and we meticulously consider the name we will give our own child.

My parents, apparently gave zero thought to any of this… They had 2 children, a boy and a girl. They named one Jody and one Randy. Here’s where they fucked up! They named the boy, Jody and the girl Randy!!!! We each grew up being told that our parents were confused and they gave me the boy name and him the girl name. They mocked our sexuality based on our names as early as elementary school. It seems my husband’s parents didn’t get the “consider the impact of a name” memo either. They had two sons. Named them Thomas and Gerald. Thomas and Gerald?!?! Seriously?!?! You mean Tom and Jerry?!?!?!

We ask our clients all the time, “Do you know what you’re having?” If the answer is yes, we always follow with, “are you sharing the name?” Usually the answer is “no, we’re not telling anyone until after the baby comes”. These parents know that if they share the name they have chosen, they will have to defend it. People will express their...Read more


I will let nobody push my buttons.

I will let nobody rain on my parade. I will go over. I will go under.

I will go around and I will go through any obstacle that comes my way!! 


Because I am highly motivated, truly dedicated and extremely successful!


YES! I am one amazing woman!

 Read more

The Best Birth Recipe

2 cups - Facility that supports your birth wishes

2 cups - Practice whose philosophy matches yours

1 can - Freedom to move the way your body asks you to

2 tbsp - Wisdom to trust your body and your intuition

1/3 cup - Freedom of judgment

3/4 cup each - Education and Personal Choice

1 cup - Emotional support of someone you love

1 cup Physical presence of a Labor Doula

In a large mixing bowl, combine 2 cups of a facility that supports your birth wishes with 2 cups of a practice whose philosophy matches yours.

This combination should be smooth. If the texture is lumpy or anything other than smooth continue mixing until you have achieved the smoothest consistency possible.

Add to that mixture, a full can of freedom to move the way your body asks you to. Stir in 2 tbsp of the wisdom to trust your body and your intuition.

Gently add 1/3 cup of freedom of judgment. No mixing spoons should be used unless absolutely necessary (or if dough asks you to use them) all mixing should be done softly and tenderly by hand. Dough should be warm and cozy to the touch.

Gently ease dough into a warm bath and soak until dough appears to climb out on its own.

Wrap dough in a thick, warm kitchen towel and pat dry.

In a separate bowl, combine equal parts education and personal choice until the two become one.

Pour 1 cup emotional support of someone...Read more