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June 2013

Congratulations to Kim and Kanye on the birth of their daughter who arrived about a month early.

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Things An Experienced Teenaged Babysitter Should Ask You:

10) Where do you keep the diapers?

9) What do the kids eat for dinner? Can I eat too?

8) Are there extra bottles ready?

7) Where are the pajamas?

6) What time is bedtime?

5) How do I work the TV, movie, etc.?

4) Is there anything the kids can’t watch?

3) Are the kids allergic to anything?

2) What time will you be home?

1) What number can I reach you on in case of an emergency?


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The word authority is derived from the Latin word auctorita, meaning invention, advice, opinion, influence, or command.

At our house, the grown ups are the authority. It’s always been how I imagined being a parent would be. You know… the “because I said so” philosophy”. Now that may sound harsh to some but I have the advantage of seeing it play out over nearly 21 years.

“Because I said so” can be dismissive. Wait… it’s meant to be dismissive. It is said as a means to end a discussion with the speaker being the ultimate authority.

So think of how debilitating it would be without any lead up or prep time.

Wondering what the hell I’m talking about?

This is where “O.K. Mommy” comes into play.

When my girls were little, way before they could talk, at an age where most people think children don’t understand, I believed they were teachable. So I taught them. I taught them about concepts that were larger then them and they grasped those concepts. Not completely, but enough.

I’ll explain….

You know when they first learn how to walk and they teeter around just happy to be doing something new? It’s also about the time that they start picking up small pieces of lint or string and either putting it in their mouths or offering it to us, their mothers. During this time we find that our sophisticated, articulate self, spends most of it’s day saying things like, “yuck, blecch, we...Read more

My post yesterday 

It's A Girl! Oh Shit...  got a lot of attention. I recieved messages, phone calls and texts from many women who appreciated what I shared for a multitude of individual reasons. One instant message chat with a dear friend stood out and I would like to share it with you today...

Friend: Your blog yesterday made me tear up… a little

Rock n’ Roll Doula: yea, that post got a huge response… I’m not entirely sure why.

Friend: People hate themselves. And they sell out. And your post gives permission not to do that

Rock n’ Roll Doula: wow... life is so complicated?

Friend: You're the first person to ever tell me that who I am is good enough!

Rock n’ Roll Doula: That’s terrible! Did people tell you that you weren't? Or did you make that up?

Friend: It isn’t always what is said… My parents never said you aren’t good enough.

Rock n’ Roll Doula:  Do you think they thought you weren't?

Friend: But, they said if you date a black boy you can’t be our daughter, and that changed everything.

Rock n’ Roll Doula: That's heavy...

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Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of…

When I am supporting a client and she gives birth to a little girl, my heart melts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m equally excited to meet a brand new little boy, but I have daughters. I know the experience of daughters. I know as a woman how special and amazing it is to see life (for a second time) through the eyes of a daughter.

I know the excitement of getting your nails polished for the first time. I know the thrill of a dress that spins and shoes that tap, I know the nervousness of a first dance class and I know all too well the self-doubt that comes from not being accepted by other girls.

My legs are too fat. My arms are too hairy. My eyebrows are too bushy. My voice is too deep. My feet are too big….  The complaints are endless and the obsession with self is overwhelming. Do boys do this?

So how do you build self-esteem. How do you teach a young girl that she is important and perfect when everything inside her says she isn’t?

I was ugly and had bushy hair. I wore glasses and braces and money for stylish clothes didn’t exist. I wanted to fit in and be well liked and the more I tried the more it backfired. I was lonely and just wanted to feel “normal”.

Fast forward to July 11th 1992. I gave birth to a baby girl and as she was placed in my arms, I thought to myself, one...Read more

I followed the school bus today on my way home and it made many stops.

At each stop there was a woman waiting to greet a child as he or she exited the bus. At each stop, the woman held a phone to her ear and without even a hello, she reached her extended hand toward the child, locked hands with him or her or put it on his head to guide him toward their house.

I felt sad. Not sad because of what the women did each time, but because of what the children did. The children did NOTHING! The children’s expectations were met each time. They expected NOT to be spoken to!!!!! They expected that the person on the other end of the phone was more important than them. And each time… they were right! I felt sad. This is not what anyone should come home to after a long hard day.

When my girls were small, I didn’t have the constant distraction of my cell phone. I wasn’t talking, texting, checking facebook, instagramming, tweeting or pinning. I was engaging with my children. I actually waited with anticipation for their arrival. I missed them while they were gone. I still do….

I am grateful that this technology presented itself after my young parenting generation because I too could have easily been sucked into this rude behavior. I am certain that my social nosiness would have easily distracted me from the beauty and simplicity of life. It does now. I find myself looking at my phone or computer during commercials, long car rides, waiting rooms...Read more

Being a doula takes it's toll.
We work long hours, without notice and must give 110% of ourselves regardless of what is happening personally, when we are needed. It is sometimes frustrating, usually exhausting and ALWAYS rewarding! This letter from a recent client will help you understand... Why We Doula. 
"I am not sure how many letters like this you receive but I hope it is many and I hope that the volume of gratitude in no way dilutes the message that you are incredible women.
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The celebrity baby boom of 2013 continues!

Jennifer Love Hewitt

just announced that she is pregnant with her first child.Read more

100 miles from Salt Lake City on a rural stretch of highway surrounded by nothing but barren salt flats when her twin unborn babies decided it was time.
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Mike and Kacey of WHUD

Talk about Northeast Doulas "NO CHILD WET BEHIND" Event

Listen HERE to Kacey's explanation to Mike about what Doulas do! She is spot on!

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